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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Allow moderators to reverse and/or nullify flag decisions

We've been getting a lot of complaints about moderator flag decisions being incorrect or inconsistent lately. Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason Why does flag marking as helpful/...
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Why are the moderators being so strict with quality related flags recently?

I recently flagged a question as "very low quality", just like I've flagged many questions in the past. However, my flag was found to be unhelpful this time. The same thing happened when I recently ...
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Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason [duplicate]

Yesterday I had flagged mysql-select-query, question as "Not a Real Question", and my flag was declined. But when I checked the question today, it had been closed as "Not a Real Question". I don't ...
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Declined NAA flag - why? [duplicate]

This answer looks very much as not-an-answer to me but was declined (no evidence). On the bright side: it was at least deleted :-) Screenshot so <10K can judge as well: Any idea as to why my ...
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Why are some duplicate questions not closed despite my flags being marked helpful?

I have flagged many questions on Stack Overflow as duplicate and the flags are dismissed as helpful by a moderator, but the questions are not closed. One example is a question regarding Android ...
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If a flag turns out to be be useful, can the "disputed" status be updated?

I flagged a post on Stack Overflow, but as it wasn't accepted, I got a "disputed" in my flag stats. But to my surprise, the question was actually put on hold an hour later. No edits or ...
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This is Vandalism?! What the heck? [duplicate]

This post was flagged by the system as vandalism, because the user had just deleted five of his old junk answers (need 10K rep to see): Answer 7995793 Answer 7996014 Answer 8024704 Answer 8041394 ...
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Flag: "Please don't misuse the offensive flag on posts like this" [duplicate]

Yesterday, I flagged as "not a real question" because the question was not in proper quality. The flag has been declined by a moderator; however, the ...
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Flag declined when moderator attention was actually needed [duplicate]

I flagged this question using the "Other (needs moderator attention)" option, and in the textbox I put User seems to be posting answers to quizzes in a place where other students can easily access it....
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Flag Declined although suggested action was followed

I flagged Hide TD into DIV Using jQuery as a duplicate of Hide TD into DIV Using jQuery which are exact duplicates. I voted to close it as an exact duplicate and also flagged it and mentioned in the ...
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My flags are disputed, but flagged posts are deleted [duplicate]

6 of my "not an answer" flags were disputed over the night, but the flagged answers are gone. I'll post some links. Maybe somebody with 10k+ rep can confirm that the answers are deleted: Problem ...
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Flag deemed not helpful but was

I submitted a flag on this question ' How to check for equals? (0 == i) or (i == 0) ' because it was poor but had an open bounty. As such, it could not be closed, so I flagged it with the message: ...
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Declined "off topic" flag confusion [duplicate]

I try to pride myself on being fair and efficient when raising flags on SO and am trying to keep as high of a ratio for helpful:disputed(and now declined) flags as possible. I raised one today for a ...
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Flag helpful but no action taken on tag war

In regards to I left a comment suggesting that the author should re-tag his question after he went into a 'tag war' with another high-rep user on the site. ...
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