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Show us the flagged revision for Spam/offensive flags [duplicate]

Yesterday I got a puzzling flag; someone flagged a Not Constructive question as "Offensive". I went and closed it but dismissed the offensive flag with a "WTF". Upon reviewing the revision history, ...
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Flagged posts that are then edited result in declined flags :-( [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Moderators should see the post as I flagged it, not the edited version Allow moderators to reverse and/or nullify flag decisions My flag weight went down from 725 to 705 today, ...
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Why should a flag be declined if it was correct at the time? [duplicate]

A question was posted a couple of days ago that was blatantly off topic. I do not yet have 3,000 reputation here so I am unable to vote to close a question. Instead I flagged it with the "Blatantly ...
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Allow moderators to reverse and/or nullify flag decisions

We've been getting a lot of complaints about moderator flag decisions being incorrect or inconsistent lately. Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason Why does flag marking as helpful/...
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Proposed flag decline reasons?

As a precursor to adding decline reasons for suggested edits we have added decline reasons for moderator flags. Because flagging for moderator attention can result in some fairly severe unilateral ...
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Moderator Flag Dashboard soft launch [duplicate]

Previous post Moderator flag dashboard design refresh (alpha) As hopefully most moderators are aware, we've been working over the last few months to revamp the moderator flag dashboard. After ...
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Indicate that a post has been edited since being flagged

In light of users complaining about their flags being declined because the post was edited, can we indicate alongside each flag in the mod dashboard if the post that was flagged has been edited or not?...
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Flag declined after an edit. How can we fix this?

I flagged an answer as "Not an answer" because it was nothing but a link. I downvoted it, flagged it, and left a comment. After some coaxing from another member and myself, the poster edited the ...
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Clear flags if the OP changes question/answer

I recently flagged an answer as Other->Should be a comment to the question. Subsequently the OP came back and changed their answer based on feedback from the person asking the question. Several ...
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When NAA includes rude language - red flaggable?

I know that the general rule for rude language is to edit it out if possible rather than knee-jerk red flagging it just for a few swear words or inappropriate terminology. So, for example, a post, ...
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Let moderators see the original, unedited version of comments

My question is related to Do moderators see the previous versions of edited comments? and Moderators should see the post as I flagged it, not the edited version. The accepted answer on the latter ...
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Can anyone see edits which occured before the 5 minute mark after posting?

I have noticed some people in Stack Overflow who write answers just for the sake of adding an answer, and maybe answering first. And when warned by others, and additionally flagging them, that's when ...
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Flagged answer honestly but get declined

Today I flagged an answer because it was not an answer and more like a comment when I flagged that answer. But later the OP updated his question and the answerer also updates accordingly and I think, ...
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"False" flags waste moderators' time [duplicate]

I run into quite interesting situation: While I was reviewing Low Quality Posts queue, I have noticed Logic operations implementation question with content as follows (only one line): 1's ...
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Flagging answers as 'not an answer'...what happens if the answer is then improved?

Apologies if this has already been asked, I couldn't find anything using the search. If I was to flag an answer as 'not an answer' because (obviously) it did not answer the question, and the answer ...
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