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Should I disagree with a VLQ flag but also vote to close?

Looking for some 10k tools guidance... If I come across a Very Low Quality flag on a question that I think needs to be closed as it stands, but could potentially be edited by the OP to make it okay, ...
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Is this post really an answer?

I flagged this post as "Not an answer" since, well, it does not answer the question but is merely commenting on the merits (or lack thereof) of the framework the poster of the question is using. In my ...
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Ban certain phrases in the other box for flagging

It is very confusing when perusing the Tools menu and looking at flags to see the reason as not constructive off topic off topic; belongs on Super User not a real question The other box should not ...
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Best practices for "not a real question" flagging. (Or the evolution of a question from not real to real.)

Please understand that I'm not complaining about my flag that was declined. Rather, I want to increase my understanding in order to hone my flagging skills. The basis of my question is this ...
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