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What are the badges I can earn on each site, and what are the exact criteria for earning each badge?

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Voting for competing answers (Sportsmanship badge)

If I answer a question and vote for a competing answer, I am on my way to the Sportsmanship badge. What about if I: a) delete my answer after voting for a competing answer -- or -- b) delete my ...
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Do community wiki votes contribute to the Sportsmanship badge? Should they?

The sportsmanship badge is for voting for competing answers. If an answer is a community wiki, is it competing?
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Do Sportsmanship badge votes count after an answer is accepted?

The Sportsmanship badge is awarded for voting on 100 answers competing with one's own. Do the votes I cast count toward this badge when either of the following circumstances are true? The requestor ...
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How does the sportsmanship badge logic work? [duplicate]

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Sportsmanship badge competing [duplicate]

So lets say I answer a question and get +1. If there are 7 other answers competing do I get 7 counts towards my progress or only 1 if I upvote all of them?
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