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Modify question text to include "Migrated to ..." after migration so that it shows up in the excerpt when browswing questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Instead of [closed] for migrated questions, [migrated] When we migrate a question like this one to another site, can you modify the first line or two of the question to say "...
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Square brackets for migrated questions [duplicate]

I did a search for migrated questions. In result list some post titles contains a [migrated] text, but most of them - don't. As fas as I see [migrated] only appended to closed post (e.g. as ...
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Could we please get some UI differentiation for locked posts?

A few times I've tried to do something on a closed post, and found that it was actually locked. The migrated ones don't show locked status. Could we get some kind of UI indication that it's a locked ...
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Please append the reason for closing to the title along with "Closed"

Came to mind when reading this question, but would be useful for more than just moved, off-topic questions (I'd especially like to see duplicate questions flagged as such in the title). Examples: ...
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Migrated questions / answers should keep their full edit history

When migrating a question to another Stack Exchange site, the full edit history of the question and its answers is lost. I searched on meta, and, according to Jeff, this is "by design". I still want ...
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Can I search for migrated questions, or filter them out in searches?

In the same way that you can search for closed questions using the closed:1 search clause, is it possible to filter out migrated questions from your search? I don't see something like a migrated:0 ...
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Show on 'other site' switch [duplicate]

Feature request / idea: Sometimes a question seems to fall in between two sites. An example might be PHP email questions, could be the code or could be the php.ini which often ends up being a system ...
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Favourited, migrated questions appear as having no answers

I was browsing through my favourite questions list, and noticed that, strangely, "What's Your Favorite [sic] Harmless Computer Practical Joke?", had no answers. That seemed funny, so I checked it out -...
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Migrated question still showing [​closed] in question page on original site, instead of [​migrated]

Migrated question still showing [closed] in question page, instead it should show [migrated] ps: currently at page 5, but will go away to older page eventually.
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[Moved] not [Closed] [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: Display where has the question been migrated on the title instead of just [closed] (this q isn’t closed!) Favourited, migrated questions appear as having no answers ...
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Too many redirects when trying to open a specific question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Endless nights of redirect loops for questions with titles where “closed” is in brackets When trying to open the question Instead of {closed} for migrated ...
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