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Allow moderators to reverse and/or nullify flag decisions

We've been getting a lot of complaints about moderator flag decisions being incorrect or inconsistent lately. Flag declined, but question closed for the same reason Why does flag marking as helpful/...
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We don't need (to see) flag weight!

Update A new feature was added, but there appears to be no documentation out there. The change in flag weight caused by each flagging still missing. TL;DR: Flag weight is not very clear. Just telling ...
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More badge progress indicators

I just noticed the Copy Editor badge progress indicator on, Can we have this for more badges please? In particular the badges where it's not clear to the user how they're ...
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Proposed flag decline reasons?

As a precursor to adding decline reasons for suggested edits we have added decline reasons for moderator flags. Because flagging for moderator attention can result in some fairly severe unilateral ...
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Provide a way for moderators to respond to the person who flags for moderator attention

Yesterday I noticed what I thought was a suspicious voting pattern on a question. I flagged the question for moderator attention and noticed that most of the set of downvotes on the question (all but ...
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I've found a particular set of "question"s with bad titles; how should I proceed?

I saw a question on the front page of Stack Overflow that had a title that intrigued me. If you search for a keyword: question you will find a set of what I would consider poorly titled. You see, ...
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Indicate that a post has been edited since being flagged

In light of users complaining about their flags being declined because the post was edited, can we indicate alongside each flag in the mod dashboard if the post that was flagged has been edited or not?...
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Please make the flag response UI consistent, and train moderators

First a bit of rant history: When I became a moderator, there were two responses to flags: valid or invalid. There was no formal definition of these two terms; I took “valid” to mean “you were right ...
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The flag weight system could use some improvements

Problems I see: How disputed flags work: as I argued here, disputed flags are useless and might do more harm than good. Really, what is the incentive to flag a flag invalid? The way I see it, I'm ...
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Are people abusing spam flagging as a cheap way to gain flag weight? [closed]

I just took a look at the list of flags and saw a bunch of spam flags against some user. As it turns out, looking at his profile, pretty much all of his 111 answers that I have peeked at propose ...
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Understanding a flag response to a Code Golf question on Stack Overflow [closed]

I flagged a Code Golf question on Stack Overflow for attention after voting to close. Granted, it was nearly 2 years old - but that's why I sent the flag in; I found it randomly and doubted it was ...
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Flagging a post before submitting the 5th close vote always results in flag being marked helpful

Okay, there's nice workaround to get some free flag weight! What you need 3k minimal, 10k for the easiest way Way to reproduce it Find question with 4 close votes (10k here) Flag that question ...
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How to take a flag back after the answer has been edited?

Here's a practical example: I flagged this answer before it was edited and contained just one sentence which didn't answer the question at all. So I flagged it as not an answer. Later, the answer ...
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Can the 'other' flags naturally float to the top?

Even though the flag menu is extensive and promotes better flagging, we still have only three types of flags from a moderation standpoint: Stuff the community can and is dealing with Stuff the ...
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Huge increase in average reputation gains once over a certain amount?

Looking around at profiles on Stack Overflow, I've noticed that once people get to having a high reputation (over 10-20k) their reputation gains daily suddenly explode (upwards of 300 a day over their ...
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