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User was able to leave a comment without having the required privilege [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How could a user with 1 reputation point leave a comment? Converted to comment On this question question, a user named Ben Brooks left a comment with only 1 reputation. ...
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Was the 50 reputation limit for commenting removed? [duplicate]

I've just answered a question in SO and was surprised when I saw a comment to the question from a 1 rep user. was the 50 reputation limit removed ?
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How Can A User With 1 Rep Comment On A Post? [duplicate]

This is weird. A possible bug perhaps? But I came across this question on SO: Center checkbox programitcally? which has 2 comments. One of which is by a user ashishdhiman2007. I accidentally hovered ...
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How come a user with 1 rep has been able to comment following a question he does not own? [duplicate]

I have been reading the contributions following this question when I noticed a user has posted a comment below one of the existing answers. I am wondering how come the user has been able to comment ...
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How can a 1 rep user comment? [duplicate]

I came across this question on Stack Overflow: What is difference between const and non const key?, which has one comment by user Soerium. I hovered over his name link and saw that he has just the 1 ...
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Converted to comment [duplicate]

Why was this made into a comment? I thought you needed 50 reputation points to make a comment?
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User w/less than 50 rep being able to comment? [duplicate]

I saw the user daR post a comment when he had less than 10 rep. Was this a bug or was this posted as an answer and someone made it into a comment because it was helpful.
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Answer appears automatically converted as a comment

I posted an answer (pointing to another question already asked) but when I hit submit, I saw my answer appear as a comment to the question instead. I tried it a couple of times and still the same ...
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"Trivial answer converted to comment" should not bypass the 50-rep restriction

I just handled a flag on a comment by a user with exactly 1 reputation, which was left on a question belonging to a completely different user. The user who left this comment has never gained a single ...
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Should I flag a comment if it is posted by someone who has only 1 rep?

In order to post comments a user must first earn at least 50 rep Users with at least 50 reputation may comment on any post. (There is no reputation requirement to post comments on MSO only; doing ...
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Why was my apparently "trivial answer" converted to a comment? [duplicate]

I posted an answer, but it got converted to comment with a note saying Trivial answer converted to comment. Why did that happen?
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