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Flag Declined after posted edited the post [duplicate]

This question has been obviously asked before here but I didn't get the answer that I was looking for. I am kind of confused. I flagged a post today. Please see snapshot. It was an appropriate flag ...
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Moderator flag dashboard design refresh (alpha)

Earlier this year, we started work on a design refresh for the moderator flag dashboard, and ran a limited alpha on a few sites. Today, we're opening it up to the rest of the network, with the goal ...
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Moderators should see the post as I flagged it, not the edited version

Original question: Do moderators see the flagged post as I flagged it, or do they see the current version? Since it is the current version, I request making it the flagged version instead. The ...
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Remove flag weight and flag validity already

Flag weight is the total number of flags marked as valid helpful minus the number of flags marked as invalid declined for a given user. That number is used… … well, it's shown on a user's profile, ...
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Is "whining" really a serious enough concern to justify not implementing useful features?

"Whining" seems to be a significant concern for the Stack Exchange team that is often a strong reason for opposition against various feature-request's. For example: Show all of my question/answers ...
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Flag declined after an edit. How can we fix this?

I flagged an answer as "Not an answer" because it was nothing but a link. I downvoted it, flagged it, and left a comment. After some coaxing from another member and myself, the poster edited the ...
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Change the requirements for the Marshal badge

There has been a lot of discussion on flag-weight, its worth, etc. Clearly, the introduction of the gold Marshal badge has rejuvenated a lot of inactive flaggers and people would be less inclined to ...
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How to take a flag back after the answer has been edited?

Here's a practical example: I flagged this answer before it was edited and contained just one sentence which didn't answer the question at all. So I flagged it as not an answer. Later, the answer ...
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Are flags ever automatically declined after edit

I flagged this answer (which I think does not attempt to answer the question (Why should I use IDisposable instead of using in c#?). Soon after it was given this (incredibly minor, 6 character) edit, ...
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Flagging low quality answers [duplicate]

Imagining that someone post as an answer the following: Can you provide code? I should flagged right?! Then, bye the time that someone review my flag, the user edit the answer, and endup providing ...
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