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How does deleting work? What can cause a post to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? What are the criteria for deletion?

What circumstances can cause a question or answer to be deleted, and what does that actually mean? How can a post be deleted? When can't I delete my own post? Can I still see my post even after it's ...
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How to clean up Stack overflow account, means delete all deleted answers or Posts on my account permanently from SO? [duplicate]

I know if we delete any post or answer it is not deleted permanently, Suppose for example this post which is deleted including my answer but still the post is visible to users having 10K+ reputations. ...
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Enable automatic deletion of old, unanswered, zero-score questions after a year?

Related to Meta Super User efforts: Old unanswered inactive questions with low views/votes and Meta Server Fault efforts: Cleaning house, really old, unloved questions We already auto-remove ...
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Answers quickly deleted by owner should be permanently deleted

You often have the scenario where you post an answer and you realize it's not good, other people have already posted the answer (which you find out when you post) in which case your answer is just ...
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Who has the privilege to delete a revision?

I saw a PPT posted by Jeff that showed a revision page which had the delete revision function, like this: But I have never seen this functionality on SO's revision pages. I guess that's because I ...
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How to permanently delete questions that contain sensitive information [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What should I do if a user posts sensitive information as part of a question or answer? I posted an answer on SO yesterday, realized immediately that I included some personal ...
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Are spam answers ever deleted permanently?

Note: This is a different question to Are answers ever deleted permanently? I just hit 10k rep on Pro Webmasters and as I browsed around the site tonight, I saw multiple spam answers (just links to ...
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How can I delete an answer explicitly, even after the question has already been deleted, so it's not restored if the question is undeleted?

Take the following scenario: You post an answer. The author deletes the question. This automatically deletes your answer as well, but (as I understand it), your answer would later be undeleted if the ...
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Why are deleted answers never purged from the system?

I got to know in response to my question Are answers ever deleted permanently? that answers are never deleted permanently. What is the reason? Is it related to some scalability requirement or they ...
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What can I do if I post confidential information? [duplicate]

I understand the appeal of not actually deleting questions and answers, but what can we do when we accidentally post confidential information? For example, passwords or company names. Sometimes we ...
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Is it possible to delete sensitive info fully on SE, even from revision history? [duplicate]

If you copy and paste some code and accidentally forget to remove sensitive info, is there a way to get rid of that information, so even the revision history doesn't contain it?
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