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Duplicate question etiquette: to delete or not to delete? [duplicate]

Let's say I'm a good Stack Overflow citizen: I have a question, I search on SO and on google to see if someone's asked the same thing, and I can't find anything that shows up, so I go ahead and post a ...
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What is the ideal number of questions SE wants for any answer for the best search effectiveness? [duplicate]

After reading former SE co-founder Jeff Atwood's blog post Dr. Strangedupe I came to this problem. If I post a wonderful description about the features of a 1967 Chevrolet Camaro, do we want users to ...
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We as a community overuse the duplicate feature [duplicate]

When I first discovered Stack Exchange, it was in the form of Stack Overflow. It seemed like a great place...until I became a member. Apparently, my policy of "Upvote unto others as you would have ...
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Why does one lose reputation for posting a duplicate? [duplicate]

I don't believe it is harmful to have the same questions written in different ways. Many times I search for a question but can't find it, only later to have someone share a question that is phrased ...
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How can I delete a duplicate question? [duplicate]

Here there is a "insightful" question about basic programming with 105 upvotes, and it has got 14 answers. But okay, life is not fair , so asking about the unfairness also gets 75 upvotes. ...
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Can we have the ability to make question synonyms? [duplicate]

Many questions on stack overflow are duplicates. These are often closed, but what would be nicer is if the question could be declared a synonym of another (by users of sufficiently high rep, or by ...
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A user answering duplicate questions and dupe-hammering them afterwards [duplicate]

For a long time now a six-figure user has been consistently answering questions from a certain tag and dupe-hammering quite a few of them right afterwards. I didn't think much of it until recently: I ...
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A duplicated question with bad writing and bad tagging but better answers [duplicate]

The first question was asked, with all possible tags, but received no long answers. A few months later, the second question was asked without address the first one. The second was poorly worded with ...
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Is there a way to advocate for the removal of a "duplicate question" declaration? [duplicate]

I made my way to this question: apache2.service is masked and there is a box purporting that it is a duplicate if this question: systemctl, how to unmask Question A is arguably a special case of ...
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What does Stack Overflow do with similar questions? [duplicate]

I don't know if this could be combined to include a recommendation as well as 2 questions, but I noticed that quite a few questions on SO have duplicates. I would like to know whether these ...
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How should duplicate answers be handled? [duplicate]

What should I do when I see an unanswered question (or not well answered) which solution is the same of the answer to a different question? Should I refer to the answer of the different question with ...
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Why should I flag a question as a duplicate, instead of answering it? [duplicate]

Background: I have recently begun answering more questions on Stack Overflow. I have already learned new things about programming languages I use on a daily basis and have had an overall excellent ...
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Is a question closed with the message "Your post has been associated with a similar question", detrimental to your account/reputation? [duplicate]

I created a question on Stack Overflow. The Internet is flooded with answers to a very similar question; and in the writing process I found an answer to what I was writing. The wording was different, ...
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Duplicate questions with no accepted answer [duplicate]

What am I supposed to do when trying to flag a question as a duplicate but the question I'm trying to link doesn't have an accepted answer? This question and the answer makes me think that I should be ...
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Review queue workflows - Final release

All good things must come to an end and so must the review queues project. This project would not have been successful without the community. Thank you all for the hours of reviewing, testing, and ...
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