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How can I encourage Stack Overflow to rein in the 'subjective' vigilantes? [closed]

I'm on SO pretty much every day researching something to do with programming, and over the last month or two, I find I'm growing frustrated and a little disgusted at how many interesting questions ...
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closed as not constructive [duplicate]

I came across many of the highly rated questions are "closed as not constructive". For example Connection pooling options with JDBC: DBCP vs C3P0 . This question has 146 upvoted, 105 favourites; will ...
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Why are things closed as "not constructive?" [duplicate]

Often the discussions raised in "not constructive" questions are extremely valuable. Please don't be too heavy-handed with closing threads as not constructive. At the end of the day, it's good ...
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why are the best questions the ones which have been closed? [duplicate]

I frequently come across a really useful answer on StackOverflow which has been closed because it doesn't match the Q&A format. Examples include JPA Implementations - Which one is the best to ...
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A +30 question closed as not constructive although there is much agreement it should be kept open? [duplicate]

What core packages should a professional R developer have, and why? was closed and locked by a moderator with the remark "open a meta question on it and if we can reach agreement, it will be reopened" ...
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Is there a problem with Stack Overflow when extremely useful, massively upvoted/favorited questions get closed? [duplicate]

Is there a problem with Stack Overflow when extremely useful, massively upvoted/favorited questions get closed? I'm specifically thinking about What is your single most favorite command-line trick ...
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How do I demonstrate disagreement for user actions that I can't downvote on?

What's the preferred mechanism to demonstrate disagreement with user actions that aren't questions or answers on the main site? I often see newbie questions handled downright hostilely by (presumably)...
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Why are answered, favorited and upvoted questions like this one closed as off-topic? [duplicate]

I don't quite understand what was the point of closing The question was able to get an answer with 4 up-votes! It was favorited and up-...
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Add explanatory link to "not constructive" to closed questions footer

Since we've changed the "subjective and argumentative" close reason to "not constructive", can we add the very useful link that is present in the close-vote dialog to the actual ...
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Please allow on-topic questions [duplicate]

Eliminate rules regarding question types. Asking for advice or opinion is sometimes the most valuable information one can receive - especially if a person is about to go down a long path that ...
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