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Pointing out acceptance rate in comments [duplicate]

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Where my comment gone and what was the reason to removal? [duplicate]

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Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate

My feature request (or anti-feature-request perhaps) is the following: Let's stop displaying a user's accept rate. For those of you who know "Fawlty Towers", the whole issue of a visible accept rate ...
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How does accepting an answer work?

What does it mean to accept an answer? How do I accept an answer, and what are the rules? Can I accept my own self-answer? What are the reputation benefits? Which answer should I accept? Should I ...
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Is it appropriate to comment on people's accept rate? [closed]

I've seen a lot of comments on SO, of the kind (paraphrasing brutally): (on questions) if you start accepting some answers, I might deign to post a reply (on answers) good answer, but perhaps too ...
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Should your Accept rate only be known to you? [closed]

I see the Accept rate as being counter productive to the site. I (incorrectly) answered a question about whether the accept rate should be shown on the Mobile version of the Site as that I was glad it ...
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What happens if you answered a question, questioner says thanks, but didn't accept your answer as correct?

What happens if I answered a question, the questioner says "thanks, fixed my issue" in a comment, but didn't mark the answer as correct? Not sure about the etiquette or process. Can anyone clarify?
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Reduce the percentage at which an accept-rate is coloured green

Summary: Since a 70% or higher Accept Rate is considered excellent, make the Accept Rate number turn green at 70%, not 80%. There are a lot of questions on meta about the accept-rate. It seems, to me,...
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Should one help educate new users who may not know how to accept answers?

Following on from Check mark discoverability seems to be low for new users, I've taken to commenting with the following proforma whenever I see a 0% accept rate a question from a new user who has ...
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Commenting on user Question like : increase your accept rate first

I am seeing this type of comment every now and then when any user or say New User have posted a question. recenltly seen in This Question Here there is a comment and You can see that comment got ...
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Dealing with 0% acceptance [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Would it be possible to have a “community accepted” feature? Forcing Acceptance Duplicate of many like: Forcing Acceptance This may be a hot topic but I think ...
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Does flagging a comment as "other..." count as a vote to delete it?

In the past, I'd always assumed that comment flags worked more or less like normal post flags. In particular, I assumed that choosing the "other..." option would always queue the comment for ...
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What to do when OP thanks but does not accept any answer? [duplicate]

If you provide a good answer for a question and the asker explicitly comment your answer with something like: "Thanks so much, now it's working!", but he does not accept your answer (maybe because it'...
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