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Remove nofollow on links at a certain age [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Remove nofollow on links deemed reputable I propose that after a certain amount of time has passed since the last edit on a question or post, that all links within that post ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Help us identify micro-privileges for top users

Are you familiar with tapas? These are little appetizers invented in Spain that people enjoy while talking and drinking in the cool of the evening. What makes them so great is that you get a ...
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When is it appropriate to link to your own paywalled website from your answers? [duplicate]

I've encountered this answer on SO. At the end of the answer the user has placed a link to his article on a 3rd party site that requires paid subscription before reading articles. This makes the link ...
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Does Stack Exchange crawl websites?

I'm seeing the user agent Mozilla/5.0 (compatible; stackexchangebot/1.0; + in my web server logs. Why is Stack Exchange crawling my site? Where do I report any ...
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General Reference questions create low-quality dead ends for Googlers

Introducing a "general reference" close reason was rejected by Jeff and Joel for fears of abuse. Jeff said in a comment: Joel is very concerned it will be abused. I have concerns as well, since ...
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Help users create dummy links that are not to unrelated commercial sites

A search for domains like provides thousands of results on Stack Overflow and hundreds on Drupal Answers. I sampled some. Each and every one I checked was a post by someone ignorant about ...
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Please don't ask us to act on other websites in a way you made impossible on yours (aka be fair about nofollow)

Currently ToS requires, that when we reuse content from Stack Exchange sites: You will ensure that any such Internet use of Subscriber Content Hyperlink each author name directly back to his or her ...
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What is the threshold for removing rel=nofollow from links in posts?

Since late 2011, Stack Exchange has stopped using the rel=nofollow attribute on links from posts with a high enough score. However, the precise details of what counts as "high enough" were ...
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Free meta from the tyranny of nofollow!

(Yes, the title is obviously hyperbole. See comments below.) In this comment, Shog9 confirms that all links from meta sites to outside the Stack Exchange network are marked with rel=nofollow, causing ...
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Do spammers actually increase their Google "page-rank" from posting links on SE?

I've spent some time in the review queue lately, and I've noticed that quite a few bots/spammers try and sneakily hide links in answers/questions. Presumably they do this to boost the Google score of ...
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`rel="nofollow"` showing up in preview but not in output

I'm looking at this answer; in the markdown and preview you can see a piece of code rel="noattribute", like in the following screenshot. It's not showing up in the rendered output.
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Do edits affect rel=nofollow addition?

I answered a question here: Parsing HTML to fix microtypography & glyph issues and remember remarking to my "somewhat-friend" that I was happy because the links didn't contain rel=nofollow. He's ...
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Remove 'nofollow' for Community Ads

It's already the case that links deemed 'reputable' don't have nofollow (though the exact details are deliberately vague, and even the links in this heavily upvoted post by our top user on don'...
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