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Add close reason as a comment after Vote to Close [duplicate]

I know that that duplicate questions automatically post the duplicate to the comments on the question. Would it be possible / a good idea to have this for all vote closes? Possibly having a check ...
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New UI encourages askers to confirm or dispute duplicate votes

As of the 9th of March, the banner shown to askers whose questions have attracted at least one duplicate close vote has a couple of new options: If the author clicks the first button, they're shown a ...
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Make "close votes" appear in recent activity

Related to this recent question where the suggestion is that users should see why people are voting to have their question closed - I wonder whether users are even aware of it happening. Admittedly ...
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Tell answer-author when the question is being voted to close

When I am in the editor writing an answer to a question, the system will notify me (in real time!) when another answer has been posted. This is presumably so I can see if the new answer may have ...
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Cannot see duplicate votes when out of close votes

When you have close votes remaining, you can always see duplicates used as close votes by pretending you're going to close vote (select the 'exact duplicate' reason) and proceed. But, after the ...
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Show possible duplicates in the main post before it's closed

At the moment links to possible duplicates are inserted in the question text once a question is closed. It would be better to insert the links right away as soon as someone votes for it as a duplicate....
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Suggestion/Complaint about your recommendation for close process

I have been a member of stackoverflow for more than a year now. I love this website. I love it for the community that answers, discusses and questions my questions. I have been more of a question bag ...
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Display close votes for all users

I think it would be beneficial to display at least the number of close votes to everyone, regardless of rep. If not everyone, then at least the OP. Maybe let the Close link be active like it is for ...
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Constructive peer review?

I ask many questions. Some of them get upvoted. Some of them get downvoted. I am not always sure of the difference in the questions that make people vote differently. What I do know, however, is that ...
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I want an explanation of why people voted to close my legitimate financial question [closed]

This question is a legitimate financial question and concern for people advising financially like me. I want an explanation of why people are voting to close this, outside of two personal vendettas ...
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Less-Obvious Reasons Why Questions Get Closed On StackOverflow [closed]

Clearly, not everyone is Legendary or Epic on StackOverflow. Yet.So, in an effort to reduce the learning curve for the masses: Question What are some of the nuanced, less obvious reasons why ...
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Please allow new users to view close reasons on their questions [duplicate]

A new Stack Overflow user recently asked how he could improve a question that was not well received: Why am I receiving down votes for this question and how can I improve it? I told the user to click ...
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