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Chatting to users with limited rep [duplicate]

Update This question has been closed on the grounds that it is a "duplicate" that "already has an answer". However the indicated duplicate is another post from two years ago, has no accepted answer, ...
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I'd like to propose that users with high reputation be able to chat with users with low reputation

Right now if I try to start a chat page with a user with a reputation of 1, it spits out the common: User X on has Y reputation, not yet enough to chat I certainly understand that the user should ...
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If users with <20 rep can't chat, why does SO nag me to move comment threads to chat? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Disable chat migration notification if one of the users has insufficient rep? I frequently find myself helping new users with <20 rep with questions. These users need more than ...
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Automatically grant "control access -> enter" to low rep users on "convert to chat"

Regarding the question here low-rep users (such as the OP user especially) should automatically be granted the needed permissions to view the converted chat. Without this functionality, users will ...
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Can we allow users with 1k reputation (or something) to grant users without the reputation access to a specific chat room? [duplicate]

There have been several times I have been helping a user with a question and things aren't quite working out perfectly, and the comments keep getting longer and longer and longer. We've all been there,...
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Please use chat room - only you can't [duplicate]

I am new to Stack Overflow. After commenting repeatedly on an answer from somebody, suddenly a warning (automatic, I guess) popped up: "Please avoid extended discussions in comments. Would you like to ...
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