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What to do when someone copies your answer verbatim? [duplicate]

Okay, so this guy copied my code verbatim, 6 minutes after I had posted my answer. And he got the accept. He added a sentence above the code sample, which I neglected to do. But the fact that he ...
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Copy pasted answers - to flag or not to flag [duplicate]

I'd like to have your opinion on the following. I mainly answer questions about SQL queries. So sometimes there's not much to explain. I just post the solution and that's it. Sometimes minutes later ...
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Blatant plagiarism of my answer on a bounty question [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Handling answers that build heavily on (or are copied outright from) existing answers A user answering a bounty question has blatantly copied and pasted my answer into his. I ...
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Ask, copy existing answer, paste as new answer, accept it: is this abuse of the system? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Handling answers that build heavily on (or are copied outright from) existing answers I posted an answer to Silverlight detect wether loosing focus is because tab is pressed ...
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Mark as copied answer [duplicate]

Sometimes when I post an answer someone posts the same answer. But I think this is a problem at all. There are two way while this could happen: Post nearly at the same time. (No problem, could happen)...
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What to do about a user who is plagiarising answers from other sites to build up rep? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Handling answers that build heavily on (or are copied outright from) existing answers I noticed a user on SO who seems to be copying and pasting answers from other sites ...
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Is it acceptable to copy-and-paste someone else's answer and change one minor thing? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Handling answers that build heavily on (or are copied outright from) existing answers I answered this question with an explanation and a block of code: sql query for select ...
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What happens if someone imitates other answers? [duplicate]

I don't know how I got this idea, sorry if it is already asked. I searched but couldn't find. Let's say there is a question and X person writes first answer with low quality. Then Y person comes and ...
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Are answers that add minor details to other answers allowed? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What to do with answers that build heavily (if not copied outright) on an existing answer I spotted a user who copy-pastes other answers and adds just a little bit more ...
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Should we have a procedure for duplicate for answers also?

I have gone through these two questions answered by Mike and CommonsWare. Mike has just copied and pasted CommonsWare's answer as-is from another question. Answer by Mike and original Answer By ...
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Is it valid to use the flag to report a copied answer?

I saw this so many times... A user A enters an answer. User B enters another totally different answer. Later, user A appends B's answer to his answer without asking for permission. Even in case A ...
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Duplicate answers (not questions)

What should we do when we find the answer to question A in the answers to question B? For example, this answer is copied directly from another answer on Stack Overflow (exact duplicate), but the ...
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Courtesy to previous answers

In some cases we tend to adapt or quote some of the previous answers answered by veterans like Jon Skeet or some others.In this case how can you show your courtesy to them?
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What is the reason for users to repeat answers?

Since 2 weeks or so I am trying to follow Stack Overflow more frequently. However, I am not an expert in an area. Therefore, I usually answer to questions that are quite easy. Those questions ...
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A better way to create links to answers

There are many question on meta about plagiarism and I agree it should be addresses in detail inside the FAQ (as pointed out on Plagiarism should be addressed specifically in the FAQ). Premise For ...
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