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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Ability to sort/reorder interesting/ignored tags in sidebar

I have many tags marked as "interesting" and others as "ignored". (I use Java at work, I'm a Cocoa guy by night, any anything dealing with Windows/.NET/C# simply doesn't apply to me.) When tags are ...
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Can margins or padding be increased between tag name and "remove tag" icon in Favorite Tags?

Following the implementation of this request to move the "remove tag" icon into the tag's container in Favorite Tags & Ignored Tags, the target clickable area for short tags becomes very small. I ...
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Can we get a little doohickey to undelete a tag from interesting tags?

When I want to go look at a specific tag in my "interesting tags", its very easy for me to "misclick" and hit the delete "X" on accident. Its very annoying because I have no feedback as to what I ...
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One Hundred Paper Cuts - An UI Improvement User Style

I've been keeping this to myself for a little too long... its a fairly long user script that attempts to fix some of the UI bugs on Stack Overflow, as well as a few minor enhancements. Enhancements ...
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Can you remove the X's from the Favorite Tags section?

Now that the Favorite Tags have the bubble popup, can you please remove the obnoxious delete buttons near every tag? I keep deleting them by accident...
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Favorite tags display change

I noticed a change in the display of favorite tags in SO homepage - when hovering over favorite tag it no longer opens the "more details" box like it used to, just let me remove it. I'm totally fine ...
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Change X - sign in interested tag [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Move the “remove tag” icon inside the tag IMO it will be more elegant and useful if x mark will be inside blue div with tag name. (then x will not fall down ...
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Delete-button makes it too easy to accidentally remove my favorite tags [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The remove icon on interesting tags is easily misclicked I often accidentally click on the "delete" button near my favorite tags instead of clicking on the tag, and I ...
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Is there a way to rearrange the interesting Tags order? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Ability to sort/reorder interesting/ignored tags in sidebar I have about 20 or so 'Interesting Tags'. I was surfing SO with my Android phone when I accidentally select the X ...
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Group favorite tag with remove tag button

Strictly a visual issue, but would it be possible to group the favorite tags with their associated remove button so that they appear on the same line? It's a little strange to see a remove tag button ...
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Don't linewrap "remove this tag" symbol in favourites sidebar [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Move the remove tag “X” icon inside the tag in interesting/ignored tags The x in a circle that allows you to remove a tag from your favourite tag list, it shouldn'...
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Interesting Tags + Ignored Tags section: "x" images take too long to appear [closed]

I'm not sure if anyone else is experiencing this problem, but when I use {Firefox,Chrome} on {Ubuntu,Windows}, the little "x"s that appear next to the tags don't load until about 2 or 3 seconds after ...
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Favorite Tags - wouldn't it be nice to be asked before removing a tag or to hide the "x" somehow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: The remove icon on interesting tags is easily misclicked I click on the "x" on the favorite tags list very often and delete things from this list accidentally. I've read this ...
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'X' next to tag wraps when tag doesn't wrap in interesting tags list [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Move the “remove tag” icon inside the tag In my list of interesting tags, the 'X' button is sometimes wrapped without its associated tag also being wrapped: SO ...
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