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Give a 30 second window to current room and site users to deal with chat flags [duplicate]

Whenever there's a hurr durr chat flag in one of a given network site's chatrooms, every 10k+ user across the network can see and action it. This is not always ideal, particularly if the offending ...
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Delay alerting of non-local mods/10k-ers for chat flags [duplicate]

While I haven't read through the entirety of the recent discussion regarding Lounge <C++>, I've read enough to (IMHO) reasonably conclude that there's two large issues at work there. People who ...
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Do not show chat flags outside of large rooms [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add escalation system to chat flags To cut down on network-wide flag spam, flags that occur in "sufficiently large" rooms (with X blues and/or Y 10k's) should not be shown to ...
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Toward a philosophy of Chat

TL;DR: The Problem This keeps happening in chat: Surprise at flags on vulgar messages. Language that would invariably get your comments deleted on the main site occasionally gets flagged and deleted ...
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The future of meta.stackoverflow and meta.stackexchange

Historically this site, meta.stackoverflow, has been the place to ask questions about not just Stack Overflow, but the functioning of the entire Stack Exchange (2.0) network, including Area 51 and ...
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Flags in chat are defective by design

Yes, I know the topic has been discussed before. I know that Meta already has threads that complain about how flagging doesn't work. I wanted to give a practical example. Today, a user came in to the ...
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Please provide moderators with better tools for moderating users in chat

Had a bit of a situation this morning between two users in chat... Won't go into detail, but we'll be strongly encouraging one of the users to never return to chat (or Stack Overflow) as a result. ...
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Are expletives allowed in SE chat?

Along the lines of the discussion (poll) on expletives on SE sites, what is the policy for them in chat? In my mind, there is a very large difference between proper SE site content (posts and ...
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A proposal for a comprehensive overhaul of the chat flagging system

In this post I'll detail my ideas on how to fix chat flagging. Most of them have been posted in some form before, but I think it is necessary to view those different ideas together as they interact at ...
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Chat flags incite more drama, when they should deescalate

Moderation on the main site is pretty silent and unobtrusive. If you were not involved in a situation, you probably won't notice that anything is happening unless you visit the involved posts by ...
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Regarding Stack Exchange-wide chat moderation

There seems to be a lack of policies from what I can tell regarding how moderators moderate the chat system. I was recently flagged (and subsequently suspended) for certain language, which another ...
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Prevent new chat users from flagging

In past few months I have been flag-locked in chat several times just because someone didn't approve use of words like "shit" or "fuck" in a conversation (discussing things like PHP frameworks or ...
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Bringing chat moderation to a stable state

So, room owners can now moderate their rooms which is great! I think this is an awesome step towards a less abuse prone chat. Now that it's implemented I'd like to suggest a few new additions to ...
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Which answer has the most bounty points awarded to it?

Which answer has had the most bounty points awarded to it? It would obviously have been awarded multiple bounties.
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Can we make language wars a punishable offense in chat?

On June 29, 2012 Jeff Atwood wrote a blog about PHP which a lot of people saw as another language bashing blog. Whether it is or not is not really my concern with this question but, more so, the ...
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