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Stack Overflow forbids usage of the word `help` in question about CLI `--help` option

A question title I wanted to submit got rejected because it ended with help?: How do I get typer to accept the short `-h` as well as the long `--help` for help? I was told: Your question couldn't be ...
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Why can't I ask a question "Why aren't all my IAM groups listed?"

Title cannot contain "Why aren't all my IAM groups listed?". Please provide a title that summarizes your question. For assistance, see: How do I ask a good question? What's wrong with my ...
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Don't allow questions that have the same title but different punctuation such as a question mark or hyphen [duplicate]

I was on Music, and I saw this question title: I found a question it is apparently a duplicate of with this title: If I were to ask a question called "What is concert pitch?" the system would stop ...
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Could we add a bad word filter for profiles, comments and questions?

I saw this on a word-search generator and thought it was a good idea. Moderators could add words to a list. When a word is detected that is on the list it will remove it. There can be a request tab ...
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Forbid words "help", "confusion" (, etc?) in titles

Suggestion: ban "help", "confusion", maybe "question" in titles. When a user uses these words, show the message (better ideas are appreciated): Please avoid using word "help" in title. Instead, ...
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Please consider testing (on select sites) the removal of annoying restrictions like the title word filter and 6-character edit minimum

This question and its comments and answers inspired me to write this post. There are lots of little rules and restrictions in place that can catch users by surprise and prove to be very annoying, ...
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"Writing Good Titles" forbids the phrase 'question-mark' in titles

I understand why the standalone word 'question' is forbidden in titles; however SE doesn't make an exception for 'question-mark', as in this case, where I was trying to improve the title from: How to ...
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Can you add "it doesn't work" and "it's not working" as banned phrases?

I know you can't comment +1 any more on stack overflow but a common phase is to complain "it's not working" in the question's body, when this doesn't say anything. The OP always has to be asked; What'...
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Cannot write a question with the word 'question' in the title [duplicate]

I can't "save edits" to the following question: Open Source Question Answering Frameworks , because it has the word 'Question' in the title. I understand the rationale behind not allowing this word ...
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Some necessary words are filtered in question title [duplicate]

Yesterday I was trying to post a question on Stack Overflow about the 'halting problem', which had the word 'problem' in the title. So I was not able post the question. It said that the title cannot ...
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Can we have a whitelist of exceptions to the title filter?

As has been pointed out previously, the controversial title word filter prevents people like this one from referring to things like the Halting Problem in their question titles, which - besides being ...
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How to ask about the 'halting problem' on StackOverflow, regarding the title filter

At the time of this question, the word 'problem' is disallowed as a title word in StackOverflow. Some problems have been mentioned about it, ex. here. This is a question about accepted/acceptable ...
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Can we do something about people adding C# in their titles? [duplicate]

Commonly, you see questions that state the problem (in very bad, lowercase Engrish) followed (or proceeded) by (lowercase) "c#". Can we do something about this? Maybe ban C# from titles? c# is ...
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Deliberate misspellings in titles to get around 'probelms' with banned words? [duplicate]

It's very irritating to go around dealing with titles that are misspelled only to find that the misspelling is there because of the banned words stuff. Can't we get some AI into the title parsing? ...
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Title Rename Prevention from Questio to Question

There is a question about NLP and Question answering in stackoverflow. Question's title is "NLP/Questio Answering - Retrieving information from DB". When I try to fix NLP/Questio to NLP/Question. ...
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