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Why do "share" links include user IDs? [duplicate]

I've noticed that the "share" links on answers and comments note that they not only include the answer ID, but the user's ID as well: Why does Stack Exchange do this? Obviously, it is tracking it, ...
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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Privacy leak in permalink?

Update (Jan 8, 2019) This is now 8 years old, but still getting occasional upvotes/attention, so I thought it's worth giving a summary of the current state. Despite originally being status-declined, ...
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How do I "share" a link for the new badges?

On Stack Overflow, I see a set of three new badges: Announcer (bronze), Booster (silver), and Publicist (gold). Their common description is "Shared a link to a question that was visited by x ...
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How does the Announcer badge work? [duplicate]

I understand that the Announcer badge can be earned if the question is visited 25 times. But is this only when I share a link to this question in one of my answers, or can I also share the link (with ...
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Provide an easily discoverable way to get the full URL to an answer

Since late November 2011, clicking "link" "share" for anwers yields a short (traceable) URL in the "share a link to this answer" dialog, such as https://meta....
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Do shared link to ANSWERS also count for Announcer, Booster, Publicist badges?

The legends for these badges say Shared a link to a question that was visited ... But if I share a link directly to the answer, like this one, does it also count for these badges? BTW, does it ...
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Why does the URL to an answer include the question ID?

On Stack Overflow the link to an answer looks like this<answer-id>/<question-id> // Out of curiosity: Why was ...
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Anonymity issue for mods with user ID in "Share" links [duplicate]

Below each question and answer, there's a "Share" link that contains a URL to that question or answer. That URL also contains your user ID number. For instance:
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How do you find out the ID of a question in the iOS app?

How do you find out the ID of a question in the iPhone app of Stack Exchange for iOS 12?
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