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Editing others' posts - general etiquette [duplicate]

I just crossed 2K reps in SO and hence gained edit access to others' posts. Straightaway I edited a couple of posts to correct spelling mistakes and code errors (and to test my 'editing powers', of ...
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The practice of completely changing a post title, is it OK? [duplicate]

The text of one of my posts' titles was completely changed. From "Asking the wrong questions vs. asking at the wrong site" to "Why we don't accept shopping questions". (The latter could be a little ...
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What is the limit of editing others' posts? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the etiquette for modifying posts? I posted a question, Git Pull Aborting, on Stack Overflow today, and it was immediately edited. I can understand if my topic was ...
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Editing other people's questions - what is advisable and what is not? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is the etiquette for modifying posts? I recently got some editing powers on SO. I wanted to know to what extents is it advisable to go while editing other people's ...
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Directly editing or leaving a comment instead? [duplicate]

I tried to find a faq post about that, but couldn't find one. When should one directly edit a post and when should one just suggest improvement in comments instead? So far, I have been using my "gut ...
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How can I make helpful edits? [duplicate]

Question is pretty straight forward-- how do I make an edit that is actually helpful? How do I know when a post should be edited?
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How to get initial reputation on Stack Overflow with the new-user restrictions in place?

I understand that reputation can be gained by answering questions. However, it seems that more often than not the questions do not contain all the required information to give an answer. Since new ...
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How should disputes be handled on Stack Overflow?

Update: See Jeff Atwood's blog post: The Great Edit Wars. As well as the usual close wars we're all familiar with I'm aware that there have been several edit / rollback and tag wars recently, some ...
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Should questions where a problem arose from a typo be closed? [closed]

Should questions where a problem arose from a typo be closed? Here is a recent example: Google Analytics JavaScript event tracker code not tracking events The problem was a misspelled _gaq (written as ...
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Is the `ember-invalid` tag acceptable? [closed]

I just came across a bunch of edits tagging questions with ember-invalid. I approved them as the edits seemed to match the tag wiki: excerpt: Ember API has changed over time. This tag is for all ...
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How can Stack Overflow encourage more thorough answers?

Several times over the past week (meaning 7 days, not the Stack Overflow week for which I still cannot figure out the schedule), I've written up a quick answer to a "Please debug my code and/or ...
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Serial cleanup of one user's questions -- good? Rude? Both?

I've done a fair bit of editing on SO during my tenure here.* I've spent some time hanging out in /review to find things to improve. Most of my editing, though, has been done on a case-by-case basis, ...
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The 'new user, read our CoC' notifications make me feel unwelcome

The 'new user, read our CoC' notifications creep me out. They're making me feel unwelcome. There has been plenty of fearmongering and drama around the phrase 'code of conduct' across the Internet, ...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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How to encourage people to edit answers instead of posting additional information in comments?

Two comments with useful information were added to my answer. I told users who posted them to feel free edit my answer and move this information there. It didn't happen and a third useful comment was ...
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