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Why don't we treat rubbish the same as spam?

Spam gets fairly heavily punished - 100 reputation penalty, if I recall correctly, and the content itself gets hidden in the revision history. Now if we just have some rubbish: ...
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A new “nonsense” flag reason [duplicate]

“Nonsense” is somewhere between “not an answer” and “spam”. It’s not spam. People flag it as both. Can we have a “nonsense” flag reason, please? It would alleviate the (minor) confusion, and it could ...
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Propose a new 20k reputation privilege [closed]

Right now, the maximum privilege "unlock" is at 10k reputation: We're considering adding a new 20k reputation privilege, but having a hard time figuring out ...
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Let's Remove The Auto Downvote On Validated VLQ Flags (On Questions)

Currently, flagging a post as very low quality causes two things to happen: The post is flagged for moderator review The community user casts a downvote on the post if the flag is validated ...
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Remove VLQ as a flag option

The Very Low Quality flag option sucks. prepares for controversy I'd like to see it removed totally as a flag option. Its original purpose was as a response to contentless or meaningless posts; ...
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Either the new "spam" flag reason description is misleading, or I am mislead on what the "spam" flag reason is for

Today I woke up to find an obviously spam meaningless answer that had acccumulated 12 flags. Here's an excerpt: I like pie. what's your favourite color? mines red. who are you? hi? This got: 5 ...
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Let's justify the usefulness of the "very low quality" flag on answers

I am evaluating the usefulness of the "very low quality" post flag. from here I am assuming that It's not a flag to use to indicate the technical correctness of the answer. It's not a flag to use ...
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How to handle vandalism in low quality queue?

I've stumbled upon such an artifact in low quality queue: It's an obvious vandalism. Unfortunately, I've got only the options on the picture. None of the options pass. How to proceed with such posts ...
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What flag to use for malicious code? [duplicate]

What flag should be used when it appears that a user is asking how to program malicious code through stack overflow? Example Question: String overflowing when concatting I used the "it needs ...
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How should we flag obvious troll questions? [duplicate]

From time to time, I encounter questions that are obviously trolling (i.e., not a real question) but not spam and not using abusive language and I often wonder what the best course of action is when ...
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Why can 1 rep users post so many answers so fast?

I just came across this answer (10k only) on Ask Ubuntu (image link). A new, one-rep user just posted thirteen "abusive" answers over fifteen minutes. Another case: a user managed to post a ...
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