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Formatting Sandbox

Notes: Answers will occasionally be moved to the Sandbox archive when there are too many of them. When using them to report bugs, keep an eye on the post. You may also want to take a look at the ...
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New Feature: Table Support

Update: I've just enabled this feature network-wide. All sites across Stack Exchange are now able to use tables. Thanks for all the feedback. We'll keep monitoring this question and we'll continue to ...
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Long, formatted spoilers: word wrap? [duplicate]

So we have ye olde spoiler: Ah. But you want a fancy spoiler. We can do that too, by using pre html tags. But suppose you want a spoiler that is both fancy and somewhat lengthy. Is there a way to ...
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Code block within spoiler gives different result than shown

Background: I'm using the opt-in beta for the new editor. When using the following markdown in the answer editor: >! ```python >! if True: >! print "Hello World" >! ``` It ...
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Are nested spoiler tags possible in a post?

As we all know, there is the option to have a quote format within a quote format, like so: Some text Some other text Is there a way to have a spoiler tag within a spoiler tag? Currently, using the ...
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Magic wand time - what does your community need?

Continuing in my series of questions to you: Last week, I heard some great origin stories. This week, I’d like to refocus a bit on what could be better (in your view). I’m very curious about whether ...
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Markdown Tables in spoilers [duplicate]

Markdown tables do not work in spoilers (they do in blockquotes) with the standard syntax. In my mind this should be supported, so I think it's a [bug] rather than a [feature request] :). I tried to ...
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Markdown headers don't work inside spoiler tags [duplicate]

I discovered, while trying to edit a post using a spoiler block, that spoilers appear to interfere with Markdown heading syntax (hash(es) followed by text: # header), causing them to simply not render ...
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Please document that Spoilers don't work (or fix 'em)?

Isn't it pretty simple to edit the text at to document in the right place the problems pointed out again and again, e.g. Consecutive spoiler ...
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The CSS for spoilers is a mess. Let's fix it!

There's a whole bunch of unfixed issues with the way spoilers are implemented in the Stack Exchange CSS: They don't work for code blocks (at least not on sites using prettify). On older sites, they ...
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Allow bulleted lists to be used in spoiler tags [duplicate]

I want to use spoiler tags to hide a bulleted list, but the formatting doesn't seem to be working properly. Can an option be added for using spoiler tags ! with a bulleted list? This is apparently a ...
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Spoiler quotes break when multiple lines get involved [duplicate]

Spoiler quotes might be messed up. They break when multiple lines of spoiler are involved. This is inconvenient on sites like Scifi, where spoilery plot details might be discussed, or Puzzling, where ...
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How do you make advanced spoilers?

Is it possible to make spoilers inside blockquotes? > text > more text > >! spoilery text > text > more text How about multiline spoilers? >! Spoiler >! Mor Spoilerz >! ...
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Can advanced spoilers be implemented? [duplicate]

From this question, it was suggested that advanced spoilers be implemented, such as multiline spoilers and block elements (like quotes) inside spoilers. Can these features be added? Adding this would ...
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Implement the <spoiler> tag

Please consider implementing the request for some sort of a spoiler markdown using the following syntax: why did we trust <spoiler>rchern</spoiler> ? WHY OH GOD WHY? <spoiler> The ...