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How should I handle questions which are answered in the comments? [duplicate]

Sometimes I have asked a question which got no answers, but is answered in the comments to the question. How should I handle these questions? I can't accept an answer, so it is never an accepted ...
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Unanswered Question - Answered in comments [duplicate]

I am relatively new to SO and see this very often. As the title suggests there are many questions that are answered in comments itself and they remain unanswered forever. Shouldn't there be an option ...
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Answering in comments [duplicate]

When someone posts a really simple question which can be answer in just one line, what would be the best thing to do? Answer in comments and leave, which means there might not be any appreciation at ...
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Ripping off answers from comments [duplicate]

There are a lot of questions which have (often enough) complex and good answers in comments, which should really be posted as answers. A good example is here:
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Allow users with lots of rep (3500?) to promote “comments” to “answers" [duplicate]

I’ve spent the last week diving into StackOverflow, and one of the biggest annoyances I have is questions that remain open and “unanswered” forever because someone suggested the answer as a comment ...
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Accept an answer where the actual answer is located in the comments? [duplicate]

I got a rather unsatisfactory answer on Stack Overflow but the subsequent discussion with the answerer (in the comments below) was helpful. Should I accept his answer? Or is there a way to accept a ...
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What to do with a question that has only received comments [duplicate]

I have recently made a post on one of the other groups that I follow. I received a bunch of comments, and a few that actually solved my problem, but no answer to close off the question. Question What ...
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Let's encourage the commenter with the correct answer to post it as an answer [duplicate]

It's been a while in Stack Overflow, and I have seen so many times that an actual answer was provided as a comment to the question. Later, I see a list of answers repeating the same thing. Yes, I ...
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What should happen with unanswered questions when OP states they've found the solution? [duplicate]

There are so many questions which have no answers but are solved. What should happen with them? Why nothing is not good answer: These questions are displayed in unanswered list. These questions ...
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Checkmark option appears to be missing - can't accept answer! [duplicate]

I signed up yesterday and asked a question on StackOverflow - and received an answer within about an hour. But I can't find anyway to 'accept' it. I realize there's supposed to be checkmarks, but they'...
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Can I answer my own question by citing a comment? [duplicate]

The best answer on one of my questions is in the comment section. I don't want to bother the commenter by asking for a formal answer so that I can give it the love (upvote and accept) that it deserves....
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What is the correct etiquette for answering a question where an answer has been given in comments? [duplicate]

I've come across quite a few questions where I believe one or more acceptable answers have been given, but in the comments rather than as an answer. In cases like these, would it be acceptable for me ...
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What to do when a comment holds the answer to my question [duplicate]

Should I simply repost the answer and reference the commenter? Thanks a lot in advance!
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Answering old question where the answer was commented [duplicate]

Is it acceptable to answer a question where no answer has been provided, however a user has answered the question in a comment? I would assume expending on the comment to answer the question would be ...
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Feedback request: Proposed new flagging and moderation workflow for plagiarism

UPDATE We've built and will be releasing a plagiarism flag on 22 March 2023 (on SO only). For more info, see this MSO post - Plagiarism flag and moderator tooling launching to Stack Overflow A while ...
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