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I wouldn't be surprised if this has already been asked, but I couldn't find it anywhere. I know that you don't gain or lose rep for questions or answers that you set to community wiki. But does it ...
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My answer got converted to Community Wiki [duplicate]

My answer was converted to Community Wiki. Can someone give me an explanation for this?
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Why does Stack Overflow make all my answers community wiki? [duplicate]

My recent answers got turned into community wiki (CW) state automatically. I know about answers getting turned into community wikis after 10 edits - which I think is not right anyway if I was the only ...
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What are Non-Community Wikis in Stack Exchange and why is it named so? [duplicate]

I am really curious to know about the differences in the names of Community Wiki and Non-Community Wiki prevailing in Stack Exchange. As I have known about what a Community Wiki is pretty much, I ...
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Why do I get told my questions should be Community Wiki? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are “Community Wiki” posts on Stack Overflow? Yesterday, I asked a question that was subjective but really helpful to me. There was no right answer. The ...
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If the OP accepts a community wiki answer, do they get +2 rep? [duplicate]

Community Wiki answers give no reputation to the people who voted for them. They also don't give the +15 of acceptance if they are marked as accepted. But does the OP (of the question) get the normal ...
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Why did I stop getting reputation for upvote - today's rep only at 95? [duplicate]

My total rep for the day is only 95, yet I didn't get any reputation points for an upvote on one of my answers. Why? Is there a limit on total upvotes per answer that will generate reputation? The ...
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No reputation from accepted answer [duplicate]

I answered this question on StackOverflow: Javascript to Dynamically Create Spaces/Folders in Alfresco Doesn't Work Correctly Then a bounty of +50 is offered on this question. As the question is ...
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Are we "allowed" to edit Community Wiki answers? [duplicate]

Suppose you come across a community wiki answer and feel you have something to expand/change/correct. What is the accepted etiquette for editing community wiki answers? Is there a strong sense of "...
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Why was my question closed after being forced into Community Wiki mode? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicates: What are “Community Wiki” posts? Why is the stack overflow community so aggressive about question criteria? I posted a question that was rather subjective I ...
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My answer was accepted, but I did not gain reputation from it. Why? [duplicate]

After a lengthy period of editing in this post and finally getting it right, the OP accepted my answer However, my activity list then showed the following entry: which is kind of ...
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Explain "community wiki" to new users of Stack Overflow [duplicate]

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How can I make my own posts community-wiki? [duplicate]

I see many community wiki questions. How can I make my own question community wiki?
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Stackoverflow Score Not Updating [duplicate]

I'm, recently answered a whole bunch of questions on Stackoverflow, but they've not modified my score. Is there any reason would this be happening? I doubt it is a bug, but just wanted to check, ...
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What is the point of a stackoverflow community wiki? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What are “Community Wiki” posts on Stack Overflow? Today I wanted to start a discussion on, so I carefully made sure the question was flagged as ...
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