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Who has the power to delete a comment?

I posted a comment on the following question. My comment was: You will have to work on your accept rate. Currently it's catastrophic. Zero as in a singularity inside a black hole. This comment was ...
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Flagging a comment which already deleted( its work done) [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: flagged comments disappear instantly … what's going on? Day before yesterday I met a strange situation, one user asking OP for accepting his answer in comment so I ...
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Am I suddenly able to delete comments? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: flagged comments disappear instantly … what's going on? I flagged a few of comments as off-topic today, and they disappeared immediately. Is this coincidental, e.g....
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Are comments which respond to another comment deleted by single flag?

I am aware that sometimes comments are deleted as a result of single flag if they contains some blacklisted words/phrases, as explained in several posts on this site. (For example: What is the SE ...
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One-flag deletion of "@downvoter", "Why downvote?" and similar comments

Consensus seems to be that comments addressing downvoters, or complaining about downvotes, or asking for explanation of downvotes, are useless: @Downvoter sends a notification to all downvoters for ...
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Change wording of "Exact Duplicate"? [duplicate]

I like the UI and the cleanliness of the Stack Exchange sites, but one thing that bugs me is the wording of the notification that something is a duplicate. I have had many questions closed because ...
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Nudge for low rep users that leave 'thank you' comments

This happens regularly: A new user posts their first question They get a good answer So they leave a comment saying "OMGz Thx it WORKEDD!!! you have saved my life :D" or something similar. ...
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Why does flagging a comment make it disappear? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: flagged comments disappear instantly ... what's going on? How do comment voting and flagging work? Who has the power to delete a comment? I noticed recently that the ...
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Display the number of up-votes along with the %accepted

Some people ask many questions and only accept answers. Never they give an up-vote. Meaning all the other participants to a question - who may either help or complement the accepted answer - get ...
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Do 10k users / ♦ moderators get notified if a comment is flagged and handled automatically?

The person who posted a comment does not get notified if their comment is flagged. The ♦ moderators have a flag queue where they can see comments that have been flagged and have not been deleted yet. ...
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I flagged a "thank you" comment as "it's no longer needed" and it was autodeleted: was there a change I'm unaware of? [duplicate]

Just now I flagged a comment on this answer that said nothing other than ~"thank you, that's helpful" and it was deleted immediately. I did not know this was a feature. Moreover, I didn't ...
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