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What to do if my question is downvoted for no reason? [duplicate]

Can I consider it as an abuse if I seek for reason but ignored? Can I flag it saying it is an abuse or what can I do to know what is wrong with my question? Assume the question has 20 downvotes and ...
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How do you react when someone votes down your question? [duplicate]

What do you do? Is it natural to be upset when you ask a question in the spirit of learning and people vote you down?
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Why are my questions being downvoted? [duplicate]

So I asked a question on here last week, it was down voted 3x for absolutely no reason and as a result no one followed up my questions or helped me solve the problem. I since reposted the question ...
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What should I do when I receive downvotes for a question? [duplicate]

I have seen many questions on Stack Overflow with downvotes. If I receive too many downvotes, what should I do? Should I remove the question?
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-1 vote for questions about Stack Overflow [duplicate]

Why did I get -1 vote for both questions I asked regarding Stack Overflow? Is it something like bullying on this site?
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Any idea why my self-answer might have been downvoted? [duplicate]

I will appreciate if someone can provide their guess for why my answer to my own question is getting downvoted. To summarize, the question is: Is there a Map<K1, K2, V> implemented in Java ...
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How to deal with downvotes on an answer I posted that is accepted? [duplicate]

Some person is downvoting my answer. This answer is the accepted answer, but they cast downvotes on my answer. How to deal with such kind of users? How to complain to the admin of Stack Overflow?
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What should I do when my question is getting downvotes? [duplicate]

Often after asking a question, the OP realizes that he made a mistake asking the question. Then the question starts getting downvotes and they might be reasonable too. What should I do as an OP to the ...
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Should I take down-votes as a personal insult? [duplicate]

I have read many posts on the pros and cons of the down-vote system. Reputation points have no real value, yet I feel insulted when a question I asked is down-voted. From a personal point of view, I ...
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What does negative score on a post mean? [duplicate]

I am sorry, but I find it utterly unproductive, meaningless for anyone to simply anonymously downvote, not just comments or answers, but also the very question in the post that someone is reaching out ...
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Can SE be considered to a both dangerous and helpful network? [duplicate]

While I feel that SO or SE helps people especially programmers and sysadmins to get knowledge on things they really need to do or work on I tend to feel the down votes, regulation of questions and ...
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Where is the best place to discuss downvotes? [duplicate]

I see some users indicating that they've received downvotes in the comments, and asking their downvoter to justify why they downvoted the question. Is this acceptable for discussion? Should this ...
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Does down-vote get reviewed or can I apply for review if got downvoted [duplicate]

Friend of mine, got upvoted for one of his nice answer and got downvoted for same answer by someone without any reason. Even reason for downvote is also not mentioned in comment. It is assumed that ...
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Protocol for responding to a hasty-candidate down vote? [duplicate]

Situation I posted a question. Fairly quickly, there was a comment "not reproducible" and a downvote. On its face, the downvote would appear to be from the commenter, and that there was a single ...
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Should downvotes on questions be "free"?

As I'm sure you all know, downvotes "cost" 1 reputation. That is, every time you downvote: -2 to post owner -1 to you This is done to make sure downvotes are cast only when you feel ...
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