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Please stop bounties from turning off community moderation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why can't we close questions with bounties? Allow users to vote to close bountied questions How to prevent your question being closed? Just post a bounty on it tl;dr: ...
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Let us vote to close posts with bounties on them [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Allow users to vote to close bountied questions It seems pretty ridiculous that someone can filibuster for a week (or longer if they have rep to burn) simply by offering a ...
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Should the bounty waiting period be reduced to 24 hours?

I've seen the questions asking whether 48 hours is not too long, and why one can't just offer a bounty immediately. I would like to ask the community, at this point, a few years down the line, whether ...
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Remove nag screen for moderators when closing a question with a bounty on it

Currently, if a moderator tries to close a question with a bounty on it, they are presented with the following nag screen: At this point, a moderator has to go to the mod tools, remove the bounty, ...
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Close votes shouldn't expire on bountied questions

It is impossible to vote to close a question once a bounty has been added to it. If the question has existing close votes when the bounty is added, they are usually doomed to expire while the bounty ...
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Let moderators immediately end (not refund) bounties

Recently, there's been an uptick in flags requesting that questions with bounties be closed. Mortals can't close these, so it's an acceptable use of the flag system. If the bounty is brand new, it's ...
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Why are bountied questions immune to close votes?

What is the reasoning for making bountied questions immune to close votes? I've recently encountered a couple of questions which were a bit mediocre to start with and successive edits over a few days ...
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Bounty used to encourage people to write code for you - is this ok?

Having read through this topic about spoon feeding answers it seems to be ok to not just hand people code that solves their problem and instead try and point them in the right direction and give them ...
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Will work for rep. / Closing bounty questions

Fairly often when I look through the featured tabs on my favorite tags I find bounty questions that really should have been closed before they were ever eligible for a bounty. These questions tend to ...
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Prevent bounties for questions which hit a negative threshold (and auto remove if they hit this)

Situation On smaller sites, some low quality questions may be downvoted but not closed This also applies to in scope but low effort questions, such as "give me teh codez" on Stack Overflow There is ...
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Close an opinion based question with a bounty on it

I just found this question on the CSS featured page: Is a table layout appropriate for full-screen single-page HTML applications? This looks like a pretty obvious "primarily opinion based" question, ...
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Bounties and Low Quality Posts Queue

While reviewing a question in the low quality posts queue I ran into an issue with the question having a bounty which prevented me from taking action on the post. I had intended to vote to close the ...
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Why is the "close" link now shown on bountied questions?

Related: How can we close questions with bounties? Related #2: Allow users to vote to close bountied questions I just noticed that I am now able to click on vote to close on a bountied question! ...
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Minor UI tweak when users vote to close a bountied question

A user who attempts to cast a close vote on a bountied question sees this message: That's a very discouraging, final-looking message. The official guidance for the situation where a bountied question ...
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Bounty shielding question from closure? [duplicate]

This is a subset of my question earlier about how some questions survive while others exist, despite seeking legal advice that is clearly personal to them. I've decided if that is the law of the land, ...
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