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Reviewing Suggested Edits [duplicate]

I have noticed lately since I have been reviewing more regularly on Stackoverflow, that there are a lot of people who don't properly review posts. A lot of people simply click "Approve" just to move ...
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Reject an already-approved suggested edit when rolling it back

The content of this post has been sanitized in response to anonymous feedback that the formatting was making it completely unreadable by assistive technology (AT). I strongly value making content ...
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What can we do to stop bad edits getting accepted?

A worryingly high number of bad suggested edits get accepted. For example: edits that add bad formatting to random words edits that break the formatting of a block of code edits that add wrong tags ...
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Do we need a 'reject and improve' button?

Have a look at this simple example: There is a approved suggested edit, and an improvement was added on by a 10k user. The interesting thing is that ...
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A way to "downvote" a suggested edit and affect both the edit suggester and reviewers

I find a lot of suggested edits pretty poor. For me, it feels like that more than a half of the suggested edits doesn't properly address all issues in the post. The trigger of today was this ...
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Stop bothering me with suggested edit review audits

I have spent considerable time reviewing suggested edits. Less so lately, mainly because of the brokenness around improving, but more and more because those !*#^)(@^&#)@ audits are getting on my ...
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Make the system keep suggested edits away from code blocks

As a >2k user on SO, I often review suggested edits. If an edit formats code, I will accept. If an edit changes code, I (along with everyone else) reject it. In fact, I've yet to see an edit that ...
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Rethinking/discussing privileges

What are privileges for? Privileges are in place so that new users get to know the system and not spam closevotes everywhere, delete random posts, make incorrect edits, downvote everything, etc. With ...
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Are backtick/<br>-only edits to be banned?

This question and my recent experiences in the suggested edits review queue (e.g. this one or that one) made me realize a very typical pattern: Keywords are put into backticks and line-breaks not ...
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Provide a bulk-rollback mechanism for all features that can be bulk-approved

On Programmers, thanks to the shiny new badge no doubt, dozens of tag wikis were suggested that directly copied Wikipedia and Stack Overflow's tag wikis. This violates the attribution requirement of ...
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