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What is the best SO mirror to view deleted questions? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Building an archive of deleted questions Sometimes I meet questions (recent one, also about gitignores, or about computers in sailing) for which I feel "Page not found" even ...
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Are there any web sites that store deleted questions? [duplicate]

Are there any websites (not associated with the owners, of course!) that store and/or keep track of deleted questions and/or answers, like Deletionpedia does to Wikipedia, and YouTomb does to YouTube?
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Handling of highly-voted popular off-topic questions [duplicate]

Could there be a permanent, read-only migration destination for those highly voted, popular "dinosaurs", which are permanent delete candidates or are dangling between on hold and reopen? Something ...
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Official Archive/Museum for the closing sites [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Building an archive of deleted questions There are two purposes an archive is needed: The closure of beta sites, and the deletion of old yet popular questions on Stackoverflow ...
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Archive with deleted questions for users with less than 10K rep? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Building an archive of deleted questions As someone who is trying to learn how to master Emacs, I found the question 'The single most useful Emacs feature' a great source of ...
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Automatic Saving for Highly Rated but Closed or Deleted Questions? [duplicate]

We all come through Google to questions like "Which is better Matlab or OpenCV?" or "What are the best resources for learning ?" These questions tend to be closed, sometimes marked for deletion, be ...
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Turbocharging the Roomba: solutions for premature deletion

A couple weeks ago, I asked for help: How can we stop premature deletion? And I got some fantastic responses. A big thanks to everyone who participated in that discussion - you're the reason I don't ...
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Change the way really old questions are deleted

After the recent reputation recalc I noticed my reputation had dropped about 1K and the vast majority of that came from the deletion of really old questions. And by really old I mean questions that ...
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Can we un-delete "New Programming Jargon You Coined"? [closed]

Here is the post in question: According to Jeff Atwood's Stack Overflow: Where We Hate Fun, there are three things to ...
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how to deal with link rot caused by deletion of popular off-topic questions?

While I am all for deletion of off-topic questions, I am not comfortable with some consequences related to the way how it is done now. Namely, I am concerned about the fact that popular questions tend ...
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Set up an archive for legendary deleted questions

A number of highly upvoted "fun" questions were recently deleted. Examples: The "Wedding Cake" question (10k+) The "Worst UI" question (10k+) The original Boat Programming question (Deleted ages ...
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Why was this useful question about app costs deleted?

The following was highly-voted question originally asked in '08. It had over 400,000 views and 270 upvotes, with one of the answers nearly approaching 1000 upvotes. Obviously this was a popular (and ...
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Can some metadata about deleted posts be included in Data.SE?

I like to use Data.SE to view usage stats for some of the sites, however deleted posts are not included on Data.SE and I think this skews the numbers quite a bit, particularly on sites with a lot of ...
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Show embattled deleted questions to the public as if they were 10k+ users

There's much discussion about deleted questions. One suggestion on how to deal with them is, delete them, but collect them in a separate archive. That seems to be being pondered by the SE team, but it ...
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Unofficial Stack Overflow deleted question archive now available [closed]

With a modified version of my so-static tools, along with all the historical data dumps, I've made an archive of all deleted questions (and their answers) from Stack Overflow. The site is no longer ...
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