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Wouldn't it be better for posts to not move up in active when only tags are added/edited? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Tool for peer-reviewed no-bump mass retagging The Issue Most would agree that it is beneficial to add quality, relevant keywords to a post. It helps them be found ...
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Option to limit main page username associations to post authors

Question and answer posts are the meat of SE sites. A significant portion of posts could potentially benefit from editing, but editing is a background curation function that, by definition, is not ...
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Possible incentive problem since edits bump questions

I posted Is armageddon more fair in a Vickrey auction? in Chess Stack Exchange on February 9th 2023. It was bumped a year later when someone edited my post on 18th March 2024. Why doesn't this create ...
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The system for adding a new tag to old questions is broken

Tags are useful for lots of reasons. Accurate and specific tags: much more-so. When a site does't have a particular tag, it's easy enough to add a new tag to an existing question. But, applying a new ...
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"minor edit" classification redux

I want to enable minor edits and I think might have gotten close enough to how to do it right to talk about it here. I'll try not to waste your time. Add up all the costs of minor edits; it's more ...
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Resolving the dissonance on edits and bumps

Should we make "trivial" edits to posts? And what counts as a "trivial" edit? And when should edits or retags "bump" a post to the front page? This long-running debate could use some resolution, or ...
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Provide a bulk-rollback mechanism for all features that can be bulk-approved

On Programmers, thanks to the shiny new badge no doubt, dozens of tag wikis were suggested that directly copied Wikipedia and Stack Overflow's tag wikis. This violates the attribution requirement of ...
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Review queue to approve edits to very old posts with/without bumping

Following up on the discussion here, I make the following proposal to address the problem of edits to lots of very old posts causing newer posts to be bumped down. Create a new review queue for edits ...
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Marking Micro edits [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Could we have the ability to mark a change as minor in questions or answers? It would be nice to have some kind of checkbox when editing, that says micro edit (no content ...
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Possibility to restrict search results by date of the most recent answer (or any answer)?

According to search help there are two possibilities how search results can be restricted to some date range. Namely created: and lastactive:. The latter is based on the last activity of the post, for ...
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