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Can we get a more efficient way of contacting the team? [duplicate]

Right now there are two options a moderator can contact the team: Pinging a team member in TL, or e-mail. Both options are a bit crude, there's no easy way of knowing that a fellow mod has already ...
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Mod only tool for posts that mention suicide [duplicate]

As a mod of a smaller site, I really like Shog9's answer about Do we have any responsibility to take any action if someone says they're thinking about suicide in their post?. I personally would ...
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Add a contact community tool for Moderators? [duplicate]

Fairly often we as moderators need to contact the community (employee) team through e-mail for something or another, most recently disassociating a user's post. Currently we e-mail community@...
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Allow moderators to hide a revision

Sometimes users accidentally post credentials or sensitive information in their posts. Although it's easy to edit those post then, the revision list will still show that information. Deleting the ...
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A more efficient way to contact community managers

We moderators regularly need to contact a CM, for example because we have a question about a particular issue or we need someone with more abilities and tools at their disposal. The most common way ...
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Show both sides of the conversation on-site when a moderator contacts a CM

When a moderator sends a message to a user, the message and all followup are available in the moderation tools. When a moderator contacts a CM through the site, on the other hand, the contact is ...
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Let's have a formal way for mods to contact the Community Team about suicidal users in chat

There was recently an incident where a user entered a chat room I was in and made remarks that indicated that they might be suicidal. Obviously, we moderators are usually not at all capable of ...
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Provide explicit moderator tools to deal with sock puppets

Determining whether a specific user is a sock puppet is not an exact science. While many cases are clear-cut, the line can get a lot fuzzier when for example coworkers and friends are involved. So ...
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As a moderator, what should I do to merge users?

Sometimes an unregistered user lost their cookies and register with same email, then we get flags like... I can't comment to my posts!!! In this case, what should I do as moderator? Encourage them ...
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When to redact revisions?

I know that it is possible for we as moderators to redact revisions (as announced in the February 2016 Newsletter). However, I was just searching for guidance on when such redactions should be ...
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Stack Exchange Moderator FAQ

As per the FAQ for Stack Exchange sites, this FAQ will serve the following purposes: To be the canonical reference for moderators across the Stack Exchange sites for things that are beyond question (...
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Flagged question as a security issue [duplicate]

On Stackoverflow, I have flagged a question for security purposes. The user has provided a link to the admin panel of their site along with a username and password. As these credentials are for a ...
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