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Is "What have you tried" considered as an appropriate comment? [duplicate]

Is a comment "What have you tried" considered an appropriate comment for questions without doing any research by the OP without having tried anything by the OP with the I-am-too-lazy-to-resolve-this-...
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Is commenting/linking "" spam? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is it OK to leave “What have you tried?” comments? Often when someone posts a "Do this for me" question it receives a comment along the lines of What have you ...
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"What have you tried" epidemic

Statistics The usage of "what you tried" (WHYT) is growing (v2) In Q1 of 2012 - 0.0134 such comments per question (~1.33%) In Q2 of 2012 - 0.0167 such comments per question (~1.66%) In Q3 of ...
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How should we deal with RTFM comments?

I encountered this question, which contains an RTFM comment in response to a user's question-comment about the answer. I believe that in SO there should not be RTFM answers, as was already ...
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Since when is banned?

Since when is banned? And, who took the decision? Edit: to be clear, this is was banned whether on its own, or with other content. It's an incredibly popular summary of ...
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Ban "What have you tried?" links in comments

Recently on SO, I've been noticing a lot of link-only comments on (admittedly bad) questions. The typical comment looks like this: What have you tried? Now, my first instinct is to flag the ...
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Is there a new "What have you tried?"

I found this question, which I downvoted because it does not show any research effort. I want to be a good citizen and I don't want to downvote without leaving a comment, but I don't want my comment ...
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Stack Overflow FAQ should specifically reference "Please write me this code..." questions [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Add a “do not ask canihaztehcodez questions” admonition to the FAQ This is a follow up question to Encouraging users to try something before asking "Write me code that...&...
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"What have you tried" evasions

So apparently "What have you tried" comments are now disallowed: Comments can't contain that content. But this comment: And what have you tried? is accepted by the system – and has two ...
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When exactly is it 'not' okay to say "what have you tried so far / what have you found so far?"

First of all, I want to clearly express that I believe that the questions asking about "how to solve a problem" should include what the user thinks about the problem, things he considered up until ...
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Are educational comments good?

Often, users leave educational comments on questions and answers. What I mean are comments like: "This answer should be a comment. Please consider reading this post about the difference." &...
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"What have you tried" comments - to flag or not to flag?

In the spirit of removing What Have You Tried comments, I have been flagging them when I find them. However recently I find my flags are being declined. Two examples being: Select items from a List ...
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What to do if someone asks you to post code for an answer?

The type of question I am talking about is when someone is clearly after code instead of trying to understand the problem themselves. I had a question where, I think, I have answered in enough detail ...
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Discussing "What have you tried" [duplicate]

Asking "what have you tried" is based on the assumption that the author did not make any effort. People don't want to make an effort if they assume someone else didn't. No matter how much they love ...
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Do "" links need explanation to be useful?

Just curious about the new trend in asking users "what have you tried before asking your question?" I think it's similar to the "let me google that for you" links (which I believe are automatically ...
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