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Building an archive of deleted questions

Back when the first discussion about deleted questions came up, I promised to look into building an official unofficial read-only archive for good deleted SE content. I had a plan to build something ...
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How should helpful answers that are just links be handled? [duplicate]

There has been a "movement" of sorts on Stack Overflow. Users are flagging questions that are just a link or little more than a link, like: https://...
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Show embattled deleted questions to the public as if they were 10k+ users

There's much discussion about deleted questions. One suggestion on how to deal with them is, delete them, but collect them in a separate archive. That seems to be being pondered by the SE team, but it ...
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A new look for locked questions?

Is the SE team hard at work tweaking the UI for locked questions, or is the web proxy at my job randomly blocking stuff?
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Deleted questions should return 410 Gone instead of 404 Not Found

In cases where a question was deleted, a 404 response is not technically accurate, especially when the body of the response indicates: This question was removed from Stack Overflow for reasons of ...
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What is the meaning of the "broken-windows" tag?

I have noticed there are 3 questions tagged broken-windows, and the tag has been added in those questions from a single user. What does that tag would mean? Do we need it?
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Allow deleted answers to be visible to anyone if linked to directly

I got a rep boost today when someone on Reddit linked to an answer I made 4 years ago. Now that answer was a bit flippant and if I made it today it would definitely be a comment, but after seeing the ...
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Should you be able to delete questions which are actually referenced by a ( resume?

Following George Stocker's suggestion, I would like to ask the Stack Exchange community its opinion about old questions which: are not a good fit for Stack Overflow are in the process of being ...
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What are the actual guidelines for deleting popular off-topic closed questions?

I recently noticed a relatively popular question (34 upvotes on the question, 42 on the top answer) get deleted on Stack Overflow ( This question was ...
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Can we undelete my question that was cited by reputable sources? [closed]

I've gone to visit Stack Overflow today and have noticed that I lost some reputation. One of my questions had been deleted. This is normal to me now. When I saw which question, I was surprised as it ...
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Should off-topic questions be retained if they are too old to migrate?

Recently, I accidentally posted a question on Stack Overflow, when I actually intended to post it on (where it would almost certainly have been useful and relevant). The question was ...
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Spellchecker / grammar checker [duplicate]

There seems to be a fair few questions and answers on SE sites with simple spelling or grammar mistakes in them, and as I am the sort of person who cares about such things, I used to spend the time ...
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Do CW questions count towards the Self-Learner badge?

I've searched Meta and found no answer, and based on the description of the badge, I see no reason why they wouldn't, but since Community Wiki posts are a bit different from regular posts, I think it ...
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Prevent duplicate-question link rot [duplicate]

I've come across this a few times, the most recent being this chain: Where should I declare variables used in for-loops in Java for maximum efficiency? [duplicate] Does it make a difference if I ...
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