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Should We Zap The Low-Occurrence Tags? [closed]

I just looked on SO, and found that there are about 12,880 tags with only a single use. There are 26,250 used less than 10 times. That's just too many for the community to fix. I think we need some ...
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Is there a way to edit a question without bumping it to the front page?

Given that the Stack Overflow trilogy is to be a resource for googlers, I usually try to go back over my questions/answers and improve them in whatever way that I can. However, I feel this may be ...
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Kill the Retag option, use just Edit

For users with 500 < Reputation < 2000, there are two options: "retag" and "edit". It's great that the retag button is there, but it clutters up the question view. There is ...
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Why are tags on MSE being regularly removed/deprecated without discussion?

For a while now, on a daily basis, the front page of Meta.SE has been populated with old questions bumped because of retaggings -- mostly removals. Today ignore seems to be the target. As far as I ...
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tags of mundanity that are gratuitously applied to posts

It's an additional unnecessary burden to the honest stacker during suggested edit duty. A question presents some code then the minor editor adds a tag like 'for-loop' or 'forms'. These tags are so ...
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Give moderators the ability to manage blacklisted tags

The request to Implement a Tag Black List was first raised back in Aug '09, but as one of the mods on English Language & Usage pointed out only a few days ago, even moderators don't have access to ...
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Tags that only exist on locked questions, should we treat these the same as tags that don't exist at all?

Since locked questions cannot be edited by anyone but a moderator, and (especially for historically-locked questions) many are off-topic, they have a higher incidence of bad tags. My request is ...
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Repurpose the new review system for large-scale tagging operations

The SE developers are currently busy implementing a new review tool that will replace the old /review queue. I think this new review tool could also be used to make large-scale retagging and tag ...
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Give mods better tools to get rid of poor tags

Currently, Ask Ubuntu is swamped by a lot of poor tags that just refuse to go away. The efforts to get rid of them by both the community and the moderators by manual retagging just doesn't cut it ...
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Give mods/communities better tools for large retagging jobs

TL;DR This issue remains unresolved seven years later. Please enable communities to deprecate tags. I suggest that deprecated tags could no longer be added to question posts (but allowed to remain ...
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Automatically queue up and evenly distribute mass edits

Editing a large number of questions, e.g. to fix a tag, is very annoying. If you do it all at once you push everything else from the frontpage and make it useless, and making the new questions that ...
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Let moderators mark tags as deprecated

On Super User, we have quite a few tags that shouldn't exist. Unfortunately, some of those have a lot of questions, and despite our clear directives in the tag wiki excerpt, the tags continue to be ...
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