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Help us make "Not Constructive" and "Not a Real Question" closures more effective [closed]

In the recent off-topic discussion, Pekka 웃 suggested that other close reasons could be further broken out as well . We've got some more specific ideas along those lines, and we want your input and ...
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Why are library recommendation questions prohibited? [closed]

My question: was just closed as off-topic because it asks for ...
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How to ask a broad question on SO? [closed]

How do I ask questions on Stack Overflow when the premise of the question requires a lot of background? This question is a good example. I've read the guidelines on how to ask a question several ...
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Suggestions for editing old "Not constructive" question into constructiveness so that it can be preserved

What should my Objective-C singleton look like? was closed as "Not constructive" a little while ago by CasperOne. I'm not here to argue about the closure; in fact, I'm forced to agree that, as it ...
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How to ask a "Recommended design / tool for the job" question correctly, and where?

I have an architecture question, which involves both best practices and design patterns part, as well as "best tool for the job" part. As far as I know the first part, if written correctly, is a valid ...
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Where can I ask a question about finding general software that meets certain requirements?

I have a list of requirements for a program, but I don't know what program meets these criteria. That's about general-purpose software, for example, not a programming IDE or statistical workbench, ...
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How to get product recommendations [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What Stack Exchange site would address software suggestion questions? I have a question of the form "what companies provide service X?" I checked meta, and apparently such ...
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Why are constructive questions being closed as "not constructive"?

I can't understand why on SO questions like "which framework should I use" are being closed. For example here:
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Which computer science / programming Stack Exchange sites do I post on?

There seems to be more than a few computer science/programming Stack Exchange sites. Stack Overflow, being the first, has by far the most users, questions, and answers. What is the reasoning for ...
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How to ask best practice questions?

Somewhat extension of: How can I ask a question that can be answered with a better approach? In a related question there was a comment saying it was possible to ask "concretly about pros and cons". ...
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Where can I ask for help purchasing and building a computer?

I'd like to ask the following questions somewhere on Stack Exchange. Where can I ask this type of question? I am trying to build a new system for playing MMORPGs at maximum capacity. I am ...
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Is there a StackExchange site where question about LAMP architecture will fit

I thought that I had asked my question appropriately on Server Fault, but quite a number of people disagreed. I've been looking through all the SE sites and their respective FAQ, but it seems like I'm ...
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Why was this question about protecting a website from reverse engineering closed?

Why was this question closed? It was closed about 5 minutes after asking. I can accept if I ask a wrong or inappropriate question which gets closed, but I wish to understand what led people to close ...
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