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Introducing the possibility of creating folders in favorites section [duplicate]

I tried to see if it is possible to create folders in the section of favorites, to organise the related question in different topics. Personally I have saved different questions because I still can't ...
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Could we have lists within favorites? [duplicate]

I find that over time I accumulate a lot of favorite questions. Is there a feature in the works to sub-classify favorites into specific folders, the way browser bookmarks work?
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'Favorite lists' feature proposal [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: A feature to let us organize Favorites more easily It would be great if each user's favorites could be organized into personal lists as the user prefers. For instance like ...
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Bookmarks have evolved into Saves

Update Oct 6 Maintenance is complete: all bookmarks have been migrated to Saves across all network sites, including Stack Overflow. All saves, saved lists, private notes, and bookmarks are now ...
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Help us improve the user profile and settings

Update: Findings are shared here. You might know the user profile and settings. It’s what appears after you click on your profile picture. Maybe you come here to track your Q&A activity or to ...
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Better bookmarks (formerly called favorites) organisation

I don't know about anyone else, but I have a reasonable list of bookmarks (formerly called favorites) now, and it can be rather difficult to find the relevant ones at any given time. Sometimes, I have ...
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Favorites improvements - search, categorize, personal tags, add note, favorite answer [duplicate]

I'm a big fan of the favorites feature. I usually mark questions with good answers of code snippets for later use. Most of the time I can't find the favorite I'm looking for so quickly as desired. I ...
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Favorites are now known as Bookmarks

As mentioned previously, we are renaming the Favorites feature to Bookmarks. This allows us to both match how it's currently used more closely and communicate what to expect from it better. Some more ...
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Create a better way to organize favorites [duplicate]

I've got six pages of favorites on Stack Overflow. Many of those questions are on different topics. I'd really like to have some way of organizing them. Of course those questions are already ...
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Missing feature? Current topic "Yes/No" found marker

[EDIT 23AUG13 - I withdraw my suggestion having gained a bit more experience here, and will provide my own answer (of several possible) (The downvotes one way or the other are of no concern :)) ] ...
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Is there any way I can organize my favorite questions on StackOverflow using self-defined categories?

I use StackOverflow as a core learning tool and questions posted by others(as well as comments) have much-sought information and nuances.Also,the questions posted by me are likely to increase in ...
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Organize your favorites [duplicate]

Duplicate: Better Favourites Organisation I'm always favoriting a question for a particular reason. Personal interests, problems I encounter in my own work or things I'd like to solve long-term. ...
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Allow title aliases for our favorite posts

I've noticed there have been requests to 'favourite' specific answers before. However, it'd be great if we could rename the title of posts we have favourited so that it's easier to find what we're ...
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