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How can we automate the tag disambiguation process? [duplicate]

I've noticed that the precise meaning of some tags on Stack Overflow is not intuitively obvious - for example, the ambiguous translate and translation tags could easily be confused with machine-...
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How to handle tags with multiple meanings? [duplicate]

The tagging system doesn't support (as far as I know) a tag to be "separated" into two tags. For example, the Flex tag on SO currently has questions on Flex and Flex. I'm sure there are more tags that ...
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Homeless orphan tag wikis need original names, euthanised

Orphan wiki tag posts should indicate their original designation so we can right the wrong of the cutting of the umbilical cord in the harsh sands of loneliness. Almost everyday a tag wiki post is ...
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Tag Wikis should be indexed like Q&A in searches

Pursuant to a post I made about some questionable old questions, we need the ability to have Tag Wikis be searchable. For example, if the Tag Wiki for C++ has a list of books, a user searching for "C+...
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How should ambiguous tags be dealt with?

If tag "foo" refers to two or more different technologies or concepts is it better to retag the less common usages or is it better to add additional tags to disambiguate? My particular issue is with ...
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Suggest disambiguation to user when tagging

Minor/Moderate Problem: From my minimal time here, it appears that there are several tags: jcl free at .net as sts create document, and a few others tagged as ambiguous-tagson Meta, which might have ...
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Can we permanently ban the ambiguous [vb] tag? [closed]

For those that don't know, a brief history lesson... There are two distinct variants* of Visual Basic: The old COM-based platform, which was last released under the name VB 6 back in 1998. The newer ....
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Common words being co-opted for specific tag usage

Some words that clearly have more than one meaning are being used to tag questions very specifically. Examples: intent instead of android-intent activity instead of android-activity model instead ...
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The Stack Overflow 'as' tag is very ambiguous [closed]

The as tag can refer to the As keyword in VB.NET, the Unix assembler, ActionScript and possibly many other things. Is there a way to resolve this?
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What can be done about ambiguous tagging? [duplicate]

I propose that something be done on SO to prevent ambiguous tagging. (and maybe this is happening and I don't know it, if so, disregard.) For instance, in my spare time I'm looking at posts tagged ...
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How can “tag antonyms” — ambiguous tags with multiple distinct meanings — best be nominated for disambiguation and/or bifurcation?

icc is attached to SO questions about one of two distinct things: The proprietary super-optimized Intel C/C++ Compilers, or Color-management theory and practice having to do with ICC profiles (named ...
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blacklist tag modal-view-controller [closed]

Even though they differ by only one letter, there's an important conceptual difference between the terms "modal view controller" and "model/view/controller". The first is a view controller presented ...
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Improve visibility of related/alternate tags

Originated from links to related tags May be helpful: A real solution to ambiguous tags It would be pretty nice to have a sort of 'tag suggestions' feature. Sort of like the Gmail labs feature "...
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Homonymy handling in tags

What is a proper way of handling homonymy in tags/terms on SE? For example, there is a question on SO, which utilizes ICS tag which is currently wrong, because on SO it means "iCalendar-format files" ...
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No, really — should the logo tag be renamed to logo-language? [duplicate]

Stack Overflow has a “logo” tag for questions about the programming language Logo, and a “graphical-logo” tag for questions about logos (e.g. getting them to display correctly on web pages). ...

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