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What happens if a moderator determines you were the previous owner of a suspended account? [duplicate]

I was reading the answer to How can I delete my account?, but I'm confused about a part of it. Will deleting my account clear any restrictions placed on my account? Unfortunately, deleting ...
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What happens with reputation from votes during suspension? [duplicate]

Will votes on my answers/questions cast while I'm suspended still increase my reputation after the suspension ends?
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How can I get a fresh start? [duplicate]

On stackoverflow I asked questions which were apparently preposterous. I got somehow suspended when creating my recreating my account. I assume this somehow gives me a bad name. Is there any way to ...
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Regarding the suspension of my account [duplicate]

I am using this account. Today morning I have answered a question on Mathematics Stack Exchange. Suddenly my reputation dropped down. What is the reason for this issue? I am totally disappointed. ...
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Is it possible for a user to have many badges, lots of voted questions and answer and have reputation 1? [duplicate]

User jww has plenty of badges on Stack Overflow (57 gold, 298 silver & 650 bronze). He has 740 questions and 1.752 answers, some having lots of votes and reputation 1. I can see he has: 47 Offered ...
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Why are badges hidden in user cards when the account is suspended? [duplicate]

For suspended users, badges are not shown in their user cards at all. They only show "1" with their avatars and usernames, as if they are new users. Why is this?
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Can the right to delete one's account be denied? [duplicate]

I am writing for a friend who cannot ask a question here on Meta. He has been suspended last week, asked to delete his account[s] and a message said that accounts cannot be removed before the end of ...
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Can suspended users post comments? Get notifications? What happens to their reputation? [duplicate]

I have some questions about a suspended user's earning and activity. Can suspended users get reputation back after the suspension period? If a user is suspended for 7 days and he/she earns reputation ...
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Appropriate time to wait before asking about rep not being fully restored after a suspension [duplicate]

Main Question If a user has been suspended from Stack Exchange as a whole and their rep has only been partially restored, and seemingly (from their end at least...) only on certain sites and not ...
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Why not list point-reduction as 'temporary'? [duplicate]

When another users submitted a very low-quality answer, I flagged it as useless. The user retaliated against me with a down vote, and I said something to the effect of: 'If you don't like my question,...
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Suspended accounts effect badges(plural) like Fanatic? [duplicate]

When I get suspended do I still get credited for visiting everyday? an what of the other badges?(in the title it don't limit this only to fanatic) Are there badges that are negatively effected?
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Can moderators lock users' accounts? [duplicate]

Can moderators lock user accounts? If so, what are the main reasons that they would do so?
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Can you earn badges while suspended [duplicate]

I was recently suspended from this website for a seven day period. During this time I continued to log onto the site each day and earned the Enthusiast Badge for logging on for 30 consecutive days. ...
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Why has this user lost all of his reputation on SO? [duplicate]

I've seen a user on Stack Overflow who lost all of his reputation, meaning he now has 1 reputation, when he had tens of thousands, and also multiple gold (JavaScript, jQuery, PHP, HTML, etc.), silver ...
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Let's disallow moderator nominations from people who've been suspended in the past year

Well, it's election season again. On sites all over the network, moderators are being selected from among the good folk willing to volunteer their time to help guide and support their communities. I'm ...
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