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Why is this line in my question not getting formatted correctly? [duplicate]

Can someone let me know why the "var date5 . ." line in this question is not getting formatted as code in the question markdown (like the 4 lines above it) as it seems to be identical indentation, etc ...
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Code not formatted as code [duplicate]

I answered a question in StackOverflow. Soon after, I added code to the answer. After a few more edits, I copied some of the code and pasted it at the end, made some modifications, and it's part of ...
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Why is this last line of C++ code not formatted as code? [duplicate]

In Mark Wilkins' answer to Counter not giving the expected result, he has some c++ code that looks like this: if (i == var4) { cout << "\n Armstrong number " << counter <&...
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Why is my code format not working?

I've been seeing this problem a lot lately. In this answer, I am unable to get the second code block to indent. However, the markdown is identical to the first - what is wrong? EDIT: Pasting the ...
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Code markdown quirk? [duplicate]

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What's happening to StackOverflow's code formatter?

I answered this question on StackOverflow: How to calculate time taken to load url in UIWebView in iphone? It has been now edited, but the problem with the original revison is, the code in the ...
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Trouble formatting pasted text

When I paste a long block of text in the question editor on SO (and probably other stack exchange sites), it randomly makes the text wrap-around to a new line after a couple of words, but it's a ...
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Markdown bug with Lisp-y code

I can't see quite what causes this, but there's a funky markdown bug apparent in my answer here: The two Lisp-y code snippets should be formatted just the ...
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Indenting markdown with non-regular unicode spaces does not create a correct code block

The following illustrates a markdown bug: Proc := MyProc2;     Proc();//calls MyProc2 Editor screen shot:
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Why is this markdown code block not rendering properly?

I've been trying to edit this SO question to get the two code blocks in the middle formatted as code, but for the life of me I can't. In the preview the first one gets half-formatted, but it's not ...
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Code after bulleted lists

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