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I think a simple "thank you" do add more information [duplicate]

I understand that a comment should add (or ask for) information, therefore a "thank you"-only comment will waste people's time. While it is not encouraged to give thanks only on Stack Exchange, I ...
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Thank you to another comment? [duplicate]

I know its not recommended to leave a pure "Thank you" comment for a good answer, but if I have posted the answer, and someone's comment for my answer is useful, can I (besides up-voting the ...
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Will I really not come off as rude even if I don't say thanks in comments? [duplicate]

Will I really not come off as rude even if I don't say thanks in the comments? The comment box prompts me to not write thanks, but I often see people with several 100 reps say thanks in their comments?...
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Are "polite" comments discouraged? [duplicate]

In this question someone thanked me for an edit, and I could have sworn that I responded. Later, I could not find my own comment, which only said "You're welcome." So I posted it (again?). Then I was ...
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Is it appropriate to thank users for their answers on stackoverflow? [duplicate]

I know stackoverflow wants to be very concise about their questions and answers, so I was thinking that they may not want formalities mixed in with the Q&A. To be clear, I am asking if "Thanks!" ...
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Thanking users who answered my question

Quite often a number of users will give similar answers to one of my questions. Sometimes someone will give an answer that is interesting, but does not really help with my question. In all cases, I ...
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Acknowledging "thank you" comments

Previous discussion: Official reference for “don't leave ‘thank you’ comments” Is it acceptable to write a thank you in a comment? I think there's general agreement that thanking a person for a good ...
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Should a "thank you" comment be flagged?

Should a "thank you" comment, for instance Thanks for your answer, be flagged as non-constructive? If a "thank you" comment is flagged as non-constructive what would the moderator reaction to this ...
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How do I thank someone for a helpful edit to my post? [duplicate]

Sometimes, someone edits my posts. The edits were very helpful, so I want to thank them. How do I thank someone for a helpful edit to my post? Adding a comment, or something else?
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Is flagging a bunch of "thanks" comments OK?

I made a SEDE query to find all the comments that contained thank, the @ character, weren't saying yes/no to something, and were less than 20 characters. The query is here. It returned over 1400 ...
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Official reference for “don't leave ‘thank you’ comments”

The Why and how are some answers deleted? page in the Help Center says: Answers that do not fundamentally answer the question may be removed. This includes answers that are: “thanks!” or “me too!” ...
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Is it good practice to write a "that's a great comment" in a comment for a comment reply?

From search, I found this about issue, however it is about saying "thank you" for an answer. Time to time, I receive great comment response to my comment: first one and second one For the first one,...
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FAQ for Stack Exchange sites

Community FAQ For sites in the Stack Exchange 2.0 network To see a list of commonly used words and phrases, see the glossary. For official guidance from Stack Exchange, visit the Help Center. Asking ...
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Not supposed to comment to express why you upvoted?

This is from the comment guidelines in the comment privileges page: When shouldn't I comment? Comments are not recommended for any of the following: ... Compliments which do not add ...
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Should one help educate new users who may not know how to accept answers?

Following on from Check mark discoverability seems to be low for new users, I've taken to commenting with the following proforma whenever I see a 0% accept rate a question from a new user who has ...
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