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What can I do if I'm the victim of serial downvoting? [duplicate]

While browsing Stack Overflow, I noticed that I lost a lot of reputation: Is this serial downvoting? Will it be corrected by a rep-recalculation? How often are those done? Here's a second ...
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I was just attacked by an onslaught of downvotes! What do I do? [duplicate]

Checking my recent activity, I noticed that [nearly] all of my posts were downvoted within a short span of a few minutes. It seems as though I've been the victim of a systematic downvoting spree. ...
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"Spam Voting" - Should we stop it? [duplicate]

I've had a few concerns over a new form of "spam" - that is, through voting. A while back, I had seen some wild reputation increases to my account, amongst others, that seemingly felt weird -...
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Serial upvoting reversed [duplicate]

What is the reason why I get -70 of Serial upvoting reversed on Stack Overflow, -70 of doing what? I read the document
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How does the SO voter fraud detection mechanism work? [duplicate]

A recent post on the Stack Overflow blog (Voter Fraud and You) states that the Stack Overflow team has implemented a voter fraud detection mechanism. I look at the user board and noticed at least one ...
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Serial negative group voting [duplicate]

For people who are trying to close this: Its Serial negative group voting.. I am aware of automatic detection script but looks like it fails in such scenarios. Many times I was a victim of serial ...
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What should you do if you're serial downvoted & it isn't automatically reversed within 24 hours? [duplicate]

Example: Three days ago I was serial downvoted[?] After these weren't automatically reversed, 24 hours later, I flagged one of the posts. It was eventually marked as helpful, but the downvotes ...
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is it 'wrong' to upvote lots of answers from the same author to grant them bonus rep? [duplicate]

I've recently come across a few really well written and researched answers contributed by low rep users. I feel like my solitary upvote isn't sufficient reward for their efforts. (Yes, I know that ...
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How to act when you're being serial upvoted [duplicate]

I'm relatively new in StackOverflow, even though my account is 2 years old, I started actively contributing to site a few months ago. I'm trying to do my best and while doing it, hoping to learn more ...
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Hey I just lost 350 points for "Serial upvoting reversed" [duplicate]

What is this? Can we please have some way of receiving an explanation? This seems like a system to punish people for leaving too many good answers. Although I did receive a lot of upvotes in a short ...
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Is it possible to "cheat" on SE sites? [duplicate]

What happens if a user has multiple accounts and keeps upvoting himself/someone else? Does that happen? Is there a system to stop it?
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What should I do when an unknown user keeps upvoting my answers? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: What is serial voting and how does it affect me? First of all, I must say that I have no sock-puppet or any other similar ways to gain votes like telling my friends to upvote ...
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Serial upvoting reversed: I lost 0 reputation [duplicate]

Some goofball has been serial upvoting me for the past two days, and while I've sent out hunting parties to find the miscreant and taze him bro until he quits, I did notice an extreme oddity: When ...
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Is it ok to upvote or downvote all the posts of one person regardless of their content? [duplicate]

I was wondering if it was ok to downvote or upvote all the threads made by one person for personal reasons regardless of the threads content ?
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User being downvoted for personal reasons [duplicate]

A couple days ago I asked this question concerning posting religious text in posts and refusing to edit them. Now because of the publicity of this user, I believe they are being downvoted for no other ...
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