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Magic wand time - what does your community need?

Continuing in my series of questions to you: Last week, I heard some great origin stories. This week, I’d like to refocus a bit on what could be better (in your view). I’m very curious about whether ...
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Make moderator messages anonymous

Currently, when a moderator messages a user, the user sees which moderator is messaging them. This includes when a moderator issues a timed suspension. Generally, I have no problem with this. ...
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Questions about the new minimum age for diamond moderators

Today we've released a policy that moderators must be 18 years old or older to be diamond moderators on our sites. Since the policy post isn't well-suited to address questions about the policy, that's ...
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Do the benefits of having SO in multiple languages outweigh the risks involved?

I recently visited area51 for the first time and was disturbed to see proposals for Stack Overflow variants in other languages dominating the site. Turkish Spanish Russian Portuguese I'll admit that ...
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What to do to boost your chances of becoming an SO moderator?

Although my account is fairly new on SO, I've been using the site since I started programming about a year ago and as I've gotten increasingly active, I would love to get more involved with the site. ...
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Did I go wrong flagging this sarcastic answer? If so, where? [closed]

I came across this answer the other day, which immediately seemed strange due to the use of the term "mix mash", so I read on. Upon reading the whole thing, it seemed like the answer qualified as "...
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Is there a way to see the moderator agreement if you are not a moderator?

This question mentions the existence of a moderator agreement. Is there a way I can see it if I'm not a moderator? I'm just curious. Maybe a mod can copy & paste it as an answer.
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What is the maximum number of downvotes a question can have

I was just wondering what the maximum number of down votes a question can have before it is removed from StackOverflow.
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How do I see all newest questions (even negatively voted ones) with the new navigation?

I've added the bug tag to this because it appears that you can't display these questions without using search. This is bad for several reasons: Spam posts disappear from the questions list but can't ...
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Is there a council of the elders? [duplicate]

When a question is put "on hold", I verified three or four times (when my answer was ready), most of the "close" voters seem to be rather older programmers. It's not that I'm interested, but I can see ...
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Massively downvoted questions are still missing from the list of questions

The last page of the list of questions on Meta is currently this question that has a score of -55. Missing from the bottom of the list are: -84 Evaluating the risks of allowing teen moderators on ...
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Where can I ask a question about team email account management

I'm looking for resources or information on approaches for managing a shared (tech support) email account. Where is the best place to post please? I would have expected server fault, but it seems more ...
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Can Reversal be awarded more than once per question? [closed]

The Populist badge only applies to the highest-voted question. I was wondering whether the same applied to Reversal, since there didn't seem to be a clear answer anywhere.
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