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Magic wand time - what does your community need?

Continuing in my series of questions to you: Last week, I heard some great origin stories. This week, I’d like to refocus a bit on what could be better (in your view). I’m very curious about whether ...
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Improving Tag Synonyms

Executive Summary Jon Ericson asked, Does the tag synonym suggestion system work? The answer, unfortunately, is no. Tag Synonyms were introduced in August 2010: It’s been clear for a very long time ...
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Give Tag synonyms their own review queue

As per Robert Harvey's suggestion here, lets have a review queue for tag synonyms. It should be filtered so that users will only be shown what they can vote on. This should help all those ...
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We should have a notification system for when users suggest tag synonyms

I have recently suggested tag-synonyms for a couple of tags. There has been no activity on them regarding up-voting or down-voting those suggestions, probably because no one knows I proposed them. So, ...
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Badge for voting tag synonyms?

I believe the tag synonyms page is not used as much as supposed. A suggestion stands there for months before it is accepted or declined. What about drawing attention to it by giving a bronze badge ...
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Tag synonyms: show suggestions to people who can vote

I just found (by surfing other questions) the dsl tag (which seems to be used mainly for domain-specific languages, although there is no tag wiki yet), and saw that there also is the domain-specific-...
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Who decides whether a tag gets cleaned up, and how? [closed]

TL,DR: What process should tag cleanups follow to ensure that bad tags get cleaned up and good tags are kept? What should we do if we spot a good tag on a kill list? The process that I'm used to when ...
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Create tag synonym between "newline" and "line-breaks"? [closed]

I noticed that these two tags exist: line-breaks newline Both of them really just seem to be about any kinds of line breaks. So I thought, since I have 5000 reputation, let's propose a synonym. But ...
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A pox upon small sites: the thing that prevents you from creating plural or hyphenated versions of tags

Recall that if the tag foo-bar exists, it is impossible to create either the tag foobar (which differs only in hyphenation) or the tag foo-bars (which differs only by a trailing "s"). Now, look. I ...
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Remove tag score requirement for suggesting synonyms

When proposing a synonym one need to comply to: Users with more than 2500 reputation and a total answer score of 5 or more on the tag, can suggest tag synonyms. Users with a total answer score (...
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Count related tags fractionally when determining eligibility for voting on synonyms

Tag synonymization requests here on Meta tend to be made by people who have good knowledge of the relevant domain, but lack upvotes on the particular tag. This is good in that it can produce community ...
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Tag Synonym - Score of 5 Rule Amendment

As mentioned in this other meta question I just raised, I had some issues with the tag synonym process earlier. Currently, a user can only recommend or vote on a tag synonym if they have a 'Score of ...
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Tag merge request: [wildcard] and [wildcards] [closed]

There are 245 246 questions tagged wildcard, and 53 with wildcards. I suggest the latter to be the main tag, and the former to be a synonym.
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Tag Synonym decay

I've been playing around in the tag wiki/tag synonym area recently on SO, and tried to combine recommend the tag flashbuilder --> flash-builder synonym. Imagine my surprise, when I saw... With the ...
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Pending tag synonyms are undiscoverable

I just ran across a complaint on Meta.Christianity that there were several pending tag synonyms that had been sitting around for quite a while without ever getting approved. I was a bit surprised to ...
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