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Recent feature changes to Stack Exchange

This is an unofficial list/changelog of new features and various changes to Stack Overflow and the Stack Exchange network. It is maintained by the community, while a Stack Exchange employee changes ...
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Suggestions for Winter Bash 2021

Winter Bash 2020 is over, so keeping the ritual on with the recurring question for the next year's Winter Bash. Please post your suggestions regarding how to make Winter Bash 2021 even more fun than ...
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New silver badge for editing N tag wikis

I am working on improving our tag wiki system and am looking for some better ways to incentivise the community to write awesome content. At the moment we have a single bronze badge for Tag Wikis - Tag ...
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Do not expire single use tags on Beta sites

Tags that have exactly one question are automatically pruned after six months, leaving their questions untagged, and their wikis orphaned. This is problematic on Beta sites, where it's not uncommon ...
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Please allow low-occurence tags to be declared persistent

Single-use tags are pruned after six months. Sometimes, this removes spurious tags. Sometimes, this removes legitimate tags. After a quick look on Unix SE, I see plenty of legitimate tags that are at ...
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What causes a question to be tagged as [untagged]?

I had thought that any question tagged untagged was as a result of migration. But What happened to the village in Contagion? was not migrated from anywhere as far as I can tell, so how did it end up ...
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Homeless orphan tag wikis need original names, euthanised

Orphan wiki tag posts should indicate their original designation so we can right the wrong of the cutting of the umbilical cord in the harsh sands of loneliness. Almost everyday a tag wiki post is ...
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Why wasn't this tag removed - despite having single occurrence?

From what I understood about tag pruning, tags which are used only on one question are automatically removed if they are used only on one question. This happens after the tag is 6 months old (if it ...
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Do you clean up MSO tags? What criteria determines burnination for MSO and SO?

What is the criteria for determining if an MSO tag should be removed, and is this the same as determining when SO tags should be removed? I never really understand the reasons for most SO tag ...
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What is the current process/policy for auto-deletion of single question tags?

In the early days of SE, there was discussion about auto-deleting low-usage tags. The pro argument was that they didn't serve a useful tag function and diluting tag topics made tagging less effective. ...
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Tags page and number of questions

I was thinking of doing some tag cleanup and/or wiki creation so I looked at the tags page by popular and look at the least popular (say on AskDifferent). I was expecting that these would be tags with ...
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Please complete the orphan wiki lifecycle

It was recently announced that tags with exactly one tag that also possess a complete tag wiki will not be deleted. This is welcome news for many smaller sites. On Board and Card games, we have ...
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Misspelled 'guassian' tag [duplicate]

While performing a review task I came across the guassian tag. The suggested edit was actually a comment, stating I think this is a misspelling for gaussian. It probably should be deleted. I ...
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How can I see whether a tag has been removed?

On one of the Stack Exchange websites, I suspect that a tag has been removed. How can I see whether a tag has been removed?
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How are tag wiki entries deleted [duplicate]

While reviewing suggested edits, I can across one for pyython which, as the tag wiki currently states, is clearly the result of a typo. There are no questions tagged with this, and the tag edit was ...
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