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Could we have the ability to mark a change as minor in questions or answers?

It would be nice to allow users to mark a change in an answer (or question) as minor (e.g. for a simple spelling or grammar correction). A change marked as minor wouldn't push the question on top of ...
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Getting "Too many edits [...] Further edits are not allowed until tomorrow"

I have recently received the following message: Too many edits You have already edited 5 of your own posts today (not including very recent posts). Further edits are not allowed until ...
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What does it mean to ragequit?

I have seen some references to the term, "ragequit". Being somewhat new to SO, I am intrigued. What exactly does ragequitting entail?
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Why do I see "Too many edits"?

I am confused, as I thought we already fixed that problem in this question (March 2013). this limit should now scale with reputation. Folks who are posting many answers every day for long periods of ...
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Link rot "request for edit": How a user will be able to edit his/her own post when confronted with the "Edit limit"?

The question "Does Stack Exchange Crawl Web Sites?" mentions: all being planned at the moment, in a nutshell, community will add a "special comment" to the post asking the creator to fix it, it ...
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Giving edit reputation bonus for same user for same post multiple times

On Stack Overflow, I saw some users editing the same question multiple times, and getting the 2 point reputation bonus for each time. I saw it during review of a suggested edit (some months ago, I ...
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Clean up on aisle [Dive into Python] 3? [closed]

Since the author of Dive into Python and Dive into HTML5 has apparently quit the Internet, we're going to need to clean up all of the Stack Overflow posts that link to these fine works. Posts ...
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Random accepting of edits

At the moment, there are a ton of edits that just change andriod to android and they are getting approved.
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Stackoverflow 5 editable post a day

I know there is a discussion for this: Reconcile the 5 edits limit with a large set of updates of one's old answers But is there a way to ask a moderator to fix another posts or are they also ...
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Any chance for reconsideration of the 5 deletes/day limit?

I know this has been asked already, but that ended with I'll see about what we can do about possibly lightening the load without harming its intent And the limit is still in place. My ...
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