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How come the Beta badge is still being awarded on SO? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Should the beta badges stop being awarded to users? Every now and then I see a Beta badge awarded on the side bar on SO. Are old instances being rotated there when there are ...
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Badge progress reports

Is there a way to view your own progress towards certain badges? For example: Tumbleweed - What value constitutes low views for a week? Fanatic – Is there a way to view how many days in a row you ...
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Why are beta badges awarded at all?

This question reminded me of a big complaint I had and forgot to voice before. I happened to be busy when the SO Beta was happening and was unable to participate. When you posted that blog entry with ...
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How is it possible to be part of the private beta for Stack Overflow?

I've noticed the beta badge on Stack Overflow. Is the participation open? How is it possible to be part of the private beta?
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Why can't the tumbleweed badge be awarded multiple times?

It’s just a consolation badge, and I’ve had the unfortunate pleasure of asking my second question that would earn the badge. It would be nice (for some strange reason) to get another tumbleweed badge. ...
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What is "private beta" status?

What is a "private beta"? Is it related to the Beta badge? How does one get the Beta badge?
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Do votes, flags, and edits on deleted posts still count towards badges?

Some badges, such as Deputy, Marshall, and Reviewer (and less directly) Strunk & White and Copy Editor, involve acting on posts that have a potential to be deleted as a result of the actions being ...
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Definition of a beginner-question (Spolsky-question)?

A beginner question has an obvious answer. A newbie could be stuck on it for hours and still blush when the answer is presented. There are couple of good reasons for this kind of question: Help ...
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When do I earn the Beta badge [duplicate]

On the Fitness beta site I have at the momment 8 broze badges and I was wondering when do we get the silver beta badge. Will it be in the private beta, during public beta, or when it is live?
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User has Yearling badge but less than 200 reputation

The following user on SO has a reputation of 91 (from one question) but still has a yearling badge. This seems to go against the description of the badge which says you have to have 200 rep per year.
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Why have I lost my beta badge for stack overflow? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Is the Yearling badge meant to replace the Beta badge? I was awarded the beta badge on stack overflow and now it seems to have disappeared from my list. Any ideas can you lose ...
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Beta badge: How actively do you need to participate in a private beta to receive it? [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: List of all badges with full descriptions I had 2 answers, 0 questions, and did not get this badge on skeptics.SE, but looking around the badge list, I see one user with 3 ...
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What are the requirements of beta badges on se sites?

I tried to search here on meta, but I couldn't find any thread that answers this question. What are the criteria for awarding a beta badge on the stackexchange sites?
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Why do the following redirects happen?

Reading another question, I noticed that some redirects take place for some URLs, such as: From to Should replace From ...
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Under what specific cases does searching for a number redirect to the question with that ID? [duplicate]

As you can try yourself, sometimes searching for a number redirects you directly to a question with that id: or
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