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Why are different blog articles featured on different sites?

On,,, and several others, I see: On,, so, and several others, I see: My best guess is that it has to do with the audience of the ...
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Prevent [featured] questions from being closed

For the third time now in a short period, there's a close/reopen war on a featured MSO question. When it's closed, it disappears from the sidebar. Seems like a relatively simple check to add so this ...
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Are more than two featured posts from this site (Meta.SE) supposed to appear on community bulletins on main Q&A sites now?

Per the answer to What criteria are used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin sidebar block?, only two featured posts on Meta Stack Exchange can appear in the community bulletin ...
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Featured questions are not shown network wide

Currently, there are three questions tagged with featured here on Meta Stack Exchange. Usually, when there is a post with this tag, it is visible throughout the network on the Community bulletin or ...
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Is the Stack Exchange Meta site advertised?

I've noticed that there are a low number of users on Stack Exchange Meta, compared to other SE sites, such as Stack Overflow. Do the Stack Exchange Team ever advertise this site?
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When is a featured post not featured?

Currently there are three posts tagged “featured” on Meta.SE but only two appear in Featured on Meta. For example, on EL&U (English Language & Usage) we see "Thank you, Roberto Cartaino" and “...
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Nailing it up on your Community Bulletin Board

Community Bulletin was redesigned on June 23, 2014 More info on Redesigned community bulletin. As some of you may have noticed, there's a new feature on Stack Exchange: The Community Bulletin box is ...
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Why did the SE team unfeature the recent announcement about font changes?

I noticed that this post about the change of fonts was once featured in Meta, but now, it seems that it is no longer featured. How long do Meta posts stay featured? I'm not asking about the technical ...
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Give moderators a bit more control over the Community Bulletin

A few weeks ago, I featured a meta post: Vote Early, Vote Often to encourage folks to vote. Today, I got sick of seeing it (and not noticing any effect), so I removed the featured tag. This is the ...
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On international sites, the Hot Meta Posts box incorrectly contains posts with moderator status tags

According to What criteria is used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin (events / featured / hot meta posts / blog) sidebar block?: If there are still under 4 items, the rest of ...
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How to hide "HOT META POSTS" on the sidebar

How do I hide just the "HOT META POSTS". I don't intend to engage much in the moderation of Stack Exchange sites, so most of the content is irrelevant to me, how do I hide it? I looked into just ...
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What is the difference between the per-site metas' FAQ and Featured tags?

With the introduction of the new Community Bulletin, I'm finding myself confused between the purpose of the red featured tag and the red faq on the per-site metas. In the above sidebar, in the ...
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Prevent old/cold posts from being listed as hot meta posts

I noticed a familiar post in the "hot meta posts" panel while on Music Stack Exchange earlier. (It is the first of the two in this screenshot, asking for a post to be re-opened.) But when I ...
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Only meta questions with both [feature-request] and [discussion] meta tags are featured in Hot Meta Posts

After this change was introduced, only posts with both feature-request and discussion tags are being featured in the community bulletin. The change says that any of the two tags should be featured. ...
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Community Bulletin only showing Events, not Meta posts

Some time recently the Community Bulletin stopped showing Meta posts: UX: CogSci: According to SE discussions and featured meta posts should be in there (and were, last I checked before now) so ...
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