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Maximum number of posts that can be featured in MSE [duplicate]

What is the maximum number of posts that can be featured in Meta Stack Exchange?
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Hot meta post conditions [duplicate]

What conditions should be met for a meta post to appear on the Hot Meta posts list on the right side of the questions page? E.g.: How many posts can be visible at one time (max 2?)? As far as I know, ...
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Does the [featured] tag prevent a post from becoming Hot Meta Post?

This answer posted by Shog9 lists how a post becomes a Hot Meta post: What criteria are used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin sidebar block? (current revision). Among the ...
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Not all posts featured here show up in the community bulletin on all sites, by-design or a bug?

Currently the community bulletin is filled with at most 4 posts according to this answer. Which also states: Additionally, up to two featured posts from Meta Stack Exchange will appear in the ...
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Why did the SE team unfeature the recent announcement about font changes?

I noticed that this post about the change of fonts was once featured in Meta, but now, it seems that it is no longer featured. How long do Meta posts stay featured? I'm not asking about the technical ...
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Only meta questions with both [feature-request] and [discussion] meta tags are featured in Hot Meta Posts

After this change was introduced, only posts with both feature-request and discussion tags are being featured in the community bulletin. The change says that any of the two tags should be featured. ...
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Prevent old/cold posts from being listed as hot meta posts

I noticed a familiar post in the "hot meta posts" panel while on Music Stack Exchange earlier. (It is the first of the two in this screenshot, asking for a post to be re-opened.) But when I ...
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Hot Meta Posts: Allow for removal by moderators, and thoughts about future improvements

We have just released a new feature for Moderators across the entire network: the ability to remove a Meta post from showing up in the Hot Meta Posts (HMP) section of the Community Bulletin on the ...
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Is the Stack Exchange Meta site advertised?

I've noticed that there are a low number of users on Stack Exchange Meta, compared to other SE sites, such as Stack Overflow. Do the Stack Exchange Team ever advertise this site?
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Are more than two featured posts from this site (Meta.SE) supposed to appear on community bulletins on main Q&A sites now?

Per the answer to What criteria are used to select the links that appear in the community bulletin sidebar block?, only two featured posts on Meta Stack Exchange can appear in the community bulletin ...
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Why are different blog articles featured on different sites?

On,,, and several others, I see: On,, so, and several others, I see: My best guess is that it has to do with the audience of the ...
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When is a featured post not featured?

Currently there are three posts tagged “featured” on Meta.SE but only two appear in Featured on Meta. For example, on EL&U (English Language & Usage) we see "Thank you, Roberto Cartaino" and “...
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How long can Moderator Resignation notices be featured?

How long are moderator resignation posts allowed to be featured in the sidebars of our sites?
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Firing Community Managers: Stack Exchange is not interested in cooperating with the community, is it?

Less than a month ago, there was some settling of the incident with firing Monica. It's obvious that there was not a lot of approval from the community on the course of action chosen by SE, or the ...
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Why was the reputation change not announced on this meta site?

I'm aware that there was a blog announcing the reputation change, but I only just came across the meta post. I was surprised to see it on the SO meta rather than here because it affects all SE sites. ...
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