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Why is AcceptedAnswerId null for a question that has an accepted answer? [duplicate]

This StackExchange query attempts to get the first 10 unanswered bounty questions: SELECT TOP 10 Posts.AnswerCount, Posts.AcceptedAnswerId, Posts.Id AS [Post Link] FROM Posts JOIN Votes ON Votes....
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Query returns wrong result [duplicate]

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data stackexchange still caching results [duplicate]

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Favorites count mismatch [duplicate]

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Is database in data.stackexchange 4 days behind? [duplicate]

I wrote a simple query to get latest posts SELECT TOP 10 * FROM Posts ORDER BY CreationDate DESC and the result it returns are dated 2015-07-12 (today is 2015-07-16). Is the data 4 days behind?
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Why does data.StackExchange show only 1 reputation [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are my SEDE results inaccurate/obsolete/incorrect/outdated? I just went to data.StackExchange and tried top users in Singapore Query, I didn't see my name in the first half of ...
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How are answer scores really calculated? [duplicate]

I have read that the answer scores are calculated by the formula (Upvotes - Downvotes). I have just done a query using Stack Exchange Data Explorer (SEDE) and see a discrepancy between this formula ...
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Why are query's reputation and real reputaion not same? [duplicate]

I'm StackOverflow user, which has 2872 reputation. While working with stack exchange queries, I found a strange point: reputaion query shows is not equal to the real reputation. Here's my mcve: https:/...
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Can't find myself in the query on Stack Exchange Data Explorer [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: Why are my SEDE results inaccurate/obsolete/incorrect/outdated? The query is about Top Indian users in StackOverFlow But I can't find myself in the query. Can anybody explain why?
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Why doesn't a query on show the most recent data? [duplicate]

I have this query: SELECT * from Posts WHERE OwnerUserId = 2545680 I've used my OwnerUserId. Why doesn't it show the most recent questions I asked?
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When will data.SE get updated data?

Zypher promised that data.SE would "soon" get live data: How to count the number of times I earned 200 daily reputation? I ...
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How to find the most famous questions on Stack Overflow?

How to find questions with most comments most votes most viewed I have seen following question, but seems like there is no easy way. How do I find all "Famous Questions" on StackOverflow? ...
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How to track users having highest number of a specific badge

There are some badges which can be awarded multiple times, like Great Answer. Is there any option to identify the users who have been awarded a specific badge (e.g. Great Answer) the most times?
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Data from the Stack Exchange Data Explorer is obsolete [duplicate]

I was querying data from using a LINQ query in LINQPAD and found that the data I got back is quite obsolete. I searched for Shekhar-Pro (me) by using ...
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Unable to chat after the 20 reputation on stack overflow [duplicate]

Possible Duplicate: How long does it take for chat profiles to update? I have got the 27 reputation and for chat its require the 20 reputation but still i am getting the message that its ...
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